If we organize a Hello Kitty exhibition in Thailand, Expat groups living in Thailand Will attend the event or not?

hello Who?

@Ozonekatae they would if everything looks, very exciting. I'm sure they would and also love it.1f642.svg1f917.svg

It will depend on where in Thailand it's at.

Also,  would like a Japanese kawaii exhibit.

It'll depend on a number of factors:

  • How's the exhibition new or what makes it interesting vs anything Sanrio puts out?
  • Is this a vendors/licensing exhibit, or is it intended as a museum-like/educational exhibit?
  • There are permanent exhibits in many hubs throughout Asia that double as merchandising hubs (e.g. the Hello Kitty area at Taoyuan Internatioal Airport (TPE) in Taipei).  They offer some history but are mostly geared toward selling Hello, Kitty stuff.  How will this one differ?

In general, I'd suggest that you work on a full marketing plan for this, so that people in this forum can offer more informed opinions.