Looking for friends in Thailand

Hi everyone, I'm Arturo, Latino, Spanish and English speaker. I will be living in Thailand since the next month and It would be nice to have friend to hang out with. I love soccer and explore the city. Thxs.

Looking for friends anywhere...

Hola ! and sawasdeeka :)

Hope you have a great time and welcome to Thailand!

Thank you for the welcoming. Gracias por la bienvenida.

hi people i am wait to meet any person

I am here in Maldives, we can make friends

Hi there, I am expat279 . Have depression and have been destroyed by a couple of relationships and need and new spiritual awakening.  I need to leave this country and just enjoy a new life of meditation and spiritual enlightenment with others.  Where they go and live .

Hello expat279,

I am sorry about what happened to you.

But i am afraid that i could not understand your request, what do you mean by " new spiritual awakening" please?
Are you coming to Thailand also ?

Thank you for making this clear.

Expat.com team

If u love soccer, there are some sport bars in Bkk near Sukhumvit 20-40 area, on Saturday night they will be packed of people, hope u enjoy the game & hang out with new friends

Hi tinn how r u ? Can I make friend with u

Yes you can be a good friend of mine. Keep in touch.


Hello yes,

You can be my friend,  nice to be friends, anything more about you is appreciated.