Yoga near Ramkaemheng U? (or Big C LadPrao)

Hello, Thailand ex-pats! :) I am looking for a yoga studio near Ramkaemheng University (or along LadPrao, BigC area)...I live in between the two. I went to Absolute Yoga at The Crystal the other day but I don't really care to have Miss Universe Thailand teaching me yoga, and the price seemed a bit steep. Also it is a bit difficult to get to without a car.

The cost was more than 300 Baht per lesson ~ if that is normal, please let me know. I don't need the newest luxurious surroundings....I suppose around BangKapi/The Mall is possible too (altho' a bit further for me).

I tried looking in the Guide but couldn't see anything. My apologies if there is info. already there.

Thanks so much for your help.

:) Nyree.

Hello Nyree and welcome to :)
You could maybe post an ad in Yoga classifieds?

Maybe you can check out some small fitness places near where you live.  Sometimes they do have yoga class but with nothing shown in the front and the price is not killing like a big studio in a shopping mall.
Let me know if you can find any. I live on Ratchada Rd, so we're quite near.  :)