Chasing Expat Aussies on DSP

I want to come to Thailand to live and I am on DSP
I was wondering if any expat Aussies could help me as before I approach the paymasters i would like to be prepared.
They make me nervous to be honest so i talk to them only when i have to.
But i just want to know what to expect and what i have to deal with.
If anyone can help please i would be very grateful.
Thanks HowardH

Welcome on HowardH :)

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Thankyou Yud

G'Day Howard,
My name is Eric and I live in Carnarvon W.A., and I'm also on D.S.P.
I also have started researching moving to Thailand for retirement and of course a better life style-given our income.

Firstly you will NOT be able to stay in Thailand more than thirteen weeks at a time in DSP, thats according to Centrelink, who would you believe put me on to this idea originally.
You wuold HAVE to come back to Australia (don't know for how long, sorry) then go to Thailand for another thirteen weeks-bit of a pain.

Luckly for me I will turn 65 in late 2012 and the rules change for those on the age pension, I can then live permanently in Thailand.

What I plan to do is do a long reconnesense mission probably 8-12 weeks before I get to age pension, then maybe another before I make the big decision.
I am struggling with the possibility of having to sell EVERYTHING, just can't come to terms with that bit at this stage.



hi eric, are you on yahoo, can we chat for a minute

australia's attitude towards everything sucks, ppl are leaving in droves because they cant stand government getting into everything they do, every part of our lives.
what is it to them if we are there for 13 weeks or not, it is not the dole
i have someone waiting for me there and now i have to tell her this?
too much :(

thanks anyway Eric, i am glad you told me this
i know what you mean it is hard to leg go of the memories we have built up
but sometimes it is a far too greater cost to keep them
thanks again

G'Day Howard,

I have just replied to your personal email address, as you asked.

On the memories ect, I am a "Bower Bird" and while I might not have a lot in the eyes on many, it's all I got, it's all mine AND much of it has taken me  most of my life to collect.

In addittion IF, IF for some reason it all turns to s^%* in Thailand and I wanna turf my bike in the bush and come back to Australia, well I would not be able to set myself up in the same fashion as I am now (scared of burning my bridges)

My latest thought has been to look at a dual lifestyle, part year in Thailand, part year in Australia.
Ah well I got lots a time to stress out over it.