Indoor and outdoor sports in Thailand

Sports activities in Thailand
Updated 2022-05-08 14:04

You will be amazed to find out that Thailand has a lot to offer for all the adrenaline and action buffs. Beyond the numerous temples, tuk-tuks and tom yum, Thailand has a vibrant and increasing adventure scene. Experience a broad range of adventure sports in Thailand with the following.

Outdoor sports in Thailand

White water rafting

There are a lot of places where you can go white water rafting in Thailand. The rapids range from anything from level one to level five. Check out the tours and packages offered by a lot of tour providers around Northern Thailand. Things to consider when choosing where to go white water rafting is the schedule as in some parts of the country, white water rafting isn't available all year round.

Scuba diving with whale sharks

The whale shark is one of the world's gentlest giants. They generally swim the open oceans alone, though they tend to gather in areas that are abundant with plankton or other prey. This makes them a prime tourist attraction in Thailand, as they are often gentle enough to swim beside quite safely. Areas such as Surin Islands are extremely popular for the high density of whale sharks. So, if you are not afraid of being swallowed accidentally, try this! Take note that the national park is closed from mid-May to mid-October for rehabilitation. February to April is your best chance to see one.

Rock climbing

Thailand is the best place to experience rock climbing for enthusiasts. There are lots of man-made walls in places in the cities. However, if you want to experience the intensity and the beauty of Thailand while rock climbing, head over to the islands like Railay and Ton Sai where you can find the most amazing crystal clear waters accompanied by impressive limestone cliffs that tower over you.


Wakeboarding is one of the most common and exciting water activities that tourists and locals alike enjoy in Thailand. Wake parks are opening in different regions of Thailand due to the growing popularity of the sport. There are also companies that operate on the beaches of Thailand where you can try riding in the open ocean from the back of a boat. Taco Lake and Thai Wake Park are two awesome places near Bangkok to practice before going exploring higher difficulty levels on the beach.

Skydiving in Thailand

If during your trip to Thailand you are searching for an adrenaline rush, Pattaya would be the best place for you. Skydiving at an altitude of 4,000 meters would be a priceless experience for you to see the Gulf of Thailand and beautiful beaches. Most of the companies are Western-run, so safety is a top priority. Thai Sky Adventures (situated near Nong Kho Reservoir) is renowned for offering the best skydiving experience in one of the most congested airspaces in the world. Apart from tandem jumps, they also do full certification courses for those who are eager to take their adventurous streak to the next level.

Indoor sports in Thailand


Luckily, playing sports can be a great way of making new friends, and there aren't many pastimes bigger than the beautiful game of football. There are many grass football fields around the city, but with Bangkok's hot and rainy weather, they are usually difficult to maintain and are not a joy to play at, but do not fret. There are lots of indoor places to play football like Bangkok Pattana School Sports Field, The Hattrick, Sky Kick Arena, and Polo Football Park.

Kickboxing or Muay Thai

Maybe you have heard of it, or even seen it on television: the angry punches, crushing elbow strikes, deadly kicks, strong grappling and artful feints. But nothing compares to seeing them performed to loud cheers and a heart-racing tune of a wind-and-percussion ensemble. There are so many Muay Thai camps in Bangkok to try, some of the best are Luktupfah Muay Thai Camp, Sor Vorapin Gym, Banchamek Gym, and Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy.

Airsoft and paintball

Shooting your mates with non-soft plastic ball bearings and with explosive, paint-filled pellets can definitely be fun. The best place for this is located on Srinakarin Road. All equipment and security equipment are given, and you can join other groups if you just come in a tiny group. The complete paintball package is 450 baht (including 100 balls), while the BB gunning total is one day.

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