The nightlife scene in Thailand


Having access to a good nightlife scene can be a determining factor for many expats upon choosing their next destination. Tell us more about the nightlife in Thailand.

In Thailand, what is the nighlife culture like: is it common for people to go out at night? Is there a big difference between the nightlife during the weekdays and weekends?

What are the most popular evening or nighttime activities (e.g. bars, nightclubs, shows, cultural activities, etc.)?

Is it safe to venture out in the evening and at night in Thailand?

Is there anything in particular that surprised you about the nightlife in Thailand?

Are there any apps or websites (or any other resources) that would help in staying informed about evening and nighttime activities?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Considering Thailand's notorious nightlife reputation, this topic seems fraught with potential to go off the rails very quickly.  :unsure

I agree 100% with Village Farang.
I have been coming to Thailand since 2001 and have been living here since Feb 2014
I have never been in a club,bar dance-hall or any such entertainment venue and have no  intention of ever going to any nor have I ever wanted to go to such a place
When living in my home country I never went to such places except  if my work required me to go and this happened once in a while
What I have seen ,read and heard of I do not think it is a place I would like to frequent at all. Be it as it may people who go there are welcome to their  own decision and way of life.
I live in a rural village and have been to Pattaya to see a Chiropractor and that was enough .

i used to go to disco's and bars before i moved here. after i moved to thailand in 2013 i gradually stopped going, too noisy, too crowded, too many drunkards,....
and boring....

Chiang Mai:  If it is still open, maybe try a refreshment at a small open-air bar called The 69 Bar in Chiang Mai. Just a handful of nice friendly folks. Some visiting pirates out of a Joseph Conrad novel maybe. Good stories. No pressure to engage. It's a little oasis on a steamy walkway that ends up at a popular kickboxing arena where from the outside you can see the athletes' heads bobbing around but you need to pay the entrance fee in order to see all of the action from ringside.
     Part two: On a Saturday night, quite close to this canopied atrium-esque steamy street is the famous Walking Street -- a place full of action, live folk music and traditional dance, foot and leg massages, awesome food from the street vendors, excellent gift shopping, and so much more. Exhausting fun and interesting experiences!
     Both of the above locations are great places to visit for singles and couples alike. Head back to my favourite B&B. Grab a cold beer for a nightcap from the cooler in the courtyard outside the main kitchen. Wake up to a serve-yourself all-you-can-eat breakfast. Go to the golden temple, climb the steps, catch your breath and cleanse your soul.  Enjoy!   dcb

Money and always money, showoff expats, tourists attitude, "neuuay"

u mean lamkan


In Thailand, one can find anything money can buy or rent...

- The redlight districts have their own rules and faithful followers in every city concerned (i.e.: all of them).

I have penned some years ago an eBook whose specific supplement is precisely dedicated to this part of Thailand fun (in need of a full rewrite & update, adding good hints about mainstream TGF dating & marriage). Easy to find on the dedicated 'Great River' shelves, for those wanting to be aware in advance.

- What is great in Thailand is chilling out in some live music bar, preferably an open bar ; Thais are excellent rockers, especially when forgetting to open the evening with "Smoke on the Water" or any other outdated anthem...

A cold beer, a bag of Isaan fried bugs in hand and the evening is yours for cheap, sharing the fun with locals who are more approachable there.

Each place has its famous venues, easy to find. Vicinity of loud music from girls beer bars in Pattaya may ruin the experience, though. I have been told that the easy Riders Pub, offset in Naklua, had closed - too bad since it was my fave, along with the Bamboo Bar downtown.

- Reversely, I never found the Thai discos very attractive - matter of taste. Music is even better in some go-gos that I used to visit (almost...) just for this.

- Quieter evenings can be experienced in any upper class restaurant, especially those serving foreign specialties. It can be great to test sometimes different food...

I state that my outings frequency was totally opposite before and after relocation: every night or so during vacations / almost never when installed for working: just a tour around to eat street food and barely a weekly visit to the more active areas. Fortunately for my finances and my health. Thai nightlife may ruin both in no time!

The nightlife in Thailand is as good as it comes.

You've got something for everyone.

Of course all guides and most blogs always highlight the Red Light Districts, Khaosan Road, Soi 11 and Sky Bar but anyone who spent some time there know that you've got everything you can dream of.

You've got some really laidback rooftop bars, Thai Clubs where it's less a showoff than along Sukhumvit, a great Cocktail and Craft Bar scene that bring a lot of great drinks to the city and educate people...

I do understand that people aren't into nightclubs, gogo bars and loud music but even though, the nightlife in Thailand is as diverse and interesting as the rest.

Hi bud, my name is Brian. I am coming to Chiang Mai 9th Nov. A fact finding mission to check out the cost of living. I am a recently retired Aussie on a pension. What was the name of your e-book and how do you go about obtaining a look see. Old Boy Scout, Be Prepared. Many thanks, Brian.

Message me on facebook barry Tewes

Thailand has something for all tastes, relaxing beers in peaceful bars, more lively venues frequented by single ladies, air conditioned wine bars, sports bars with big screens . Rock bars with scantily clad dancers . Many attract foul mouthed yobs , three week millionaires , sex tourists , liars and hitmen .
If you are not on that level choose a new bar , there are many. It is generally a safe country but beware of scams , dual pricing , and opportunistic thefts.
I love the place !
Good luck

There is no nightlife in Thailand at the moment. You must have heard about something called COVID-19?

Well in Phuket the massage parlors are open. So if that is your night life then it's going.
We just passed July 1 and Phuket is supposed to be open to foreigners with the vaccine.
I guess a nightlife is where you find it ... :)

In what universe is massage a part of the nightlife? And only restaurants are allowed to stay open if you want a beer or a drink. That's in my opinion also not a part of the nightlife.

Apparently not the universe you live in ... really that's how you talk to people?

There's plenty to do here during the day that keeps me busy that I usually just relax in the evening. Yesterday, I hiked to laem singh beach. Not an easy hike but enjoyed it.

The day before I found Banana Beach a pretty remote beautiful beach then went on to Nai Thon and Nai Yang beach had lunch then a massage. I went the back roads along the coast it was really much better then going thru the city with the traffic and all and much prettier.

I guess it all depends what you consider nightlife. Actually in literal terms, anything you do at night is part of nightlife. Now, my night activities are very pleasant to me.

In my single and youthful days there were massage places that also served as nightclubs. I'm not sure I would even want to do that now if I was still single. I'm a hypochondriac and my health always came first and trumped all other concerns. That is why my diet and health habits are so good even into retirement. Even in my youth, my health concerns always outweighed even a rampant sex drive and kept it in check during various outbreaks of things.

I don't consider covid-19 a threat of any kind to me. It's only a danger to the extreme elderly, those with unhealthy habits, and poor immune systems. I'm not in any of those categories and feel pretty confident that my body could handle the corona virus without much problem. So, that isn't a concern despite being a hypochondriac. I would be more concerned to passing it to my wife who doesn't have as strong an immune system so that keeps my night activities in check.

Most restaurants are open in the province I'm in and some serve alcohol. Those that don't allow you to bring your own, byob style. That's fine for us to sit on some pond, watching the sunset, drinking whatever we brought with us, eating good food, and watching movies on a big screen with the wife and her family. That is a satisfying nightlife to me. You can still do that outside of Bangkok. Even in the Phuket sandbox, which I wouldn't even consider a worthwhile time, you can do things at night to have an enjoyable evening and beyond.

Another note here, I like to look at dates to get a perspective of time. The original post was placed on August 8, 2018 and the first 12 messages were all in 2018. Then it jumps to May 2021 for posts #13 until now. This is like 2 completely different conversations since the situations in 2018 and now are completely different. Regardless of a pandemic or not, nightlife or life in general is what you make of it.

I agree (night) life is what you make of it. Now that they have more or less opened Phuket I am seeing more people out. It looks really like more locals are out wanting business more so than an influx of tourists. But then it's only been like two days

But, for the past several weeks I have been seeing a lot of construction crews working on getting buildings business ready. From what I hear these crews are often from Myanmar for what it's worth

scbrock wrote:

But, for the past several weeks I have been seeing a lot of construction crews working on getting buildings business ready. From what I hear these crews are often from Myanmar for what it's worth

Interesting they are bringing in foreign labor to do the construction. I guess the Thais haven't learned what caused the 2nd wave of covid-19 in Samut Sakorn, the seafood factories like Thai Union and Seacrest, bringing in cheap SE Asian labor to work those factories. I guess the cheaper labor costs outweigh any concerns for another outbreak of covid-19. That is until that outbreak occurs again. Then they will consider the sandbox a failure and go back to lockdowns and mask mandates. Anyway, I used to teach at Thai Union Manufacturing so I know they aren't the brightest people in the world.

I assure you this gov doesn't care about the covid or certainly not enough. The two gents that did the floor tile in my bathroom were from Myanmar.