Nature and outdoor leisure activities in Bangkok

Nature and outdoor leisure activities in Bangkok
Updated 2022-05-09 15:09

Bangkok's breathtaking sights never disappoint. Many activities can be enjoyed whether inside or outside the city. No shortage of crazy adventures will bother you once you reach the Land of Smiles.

From the hundreds of natural landscapes and wonders in the suburbs to the busiest street of the metropolitan city, Bangkok caters for the preferences of everyone. Here are some of the best outdoor activities you might want to try when moving to Bangkok.

City activities

Muay Thai

The best place to learn and experience Muay Thai or kickboxing is Thailand. Gaining fitness, and learning kicking and grappling skills can be cultured and rewarding, although it may be a bit brutal. There are many fight camps but finding the best one might be a bit difficult in Bangkok as it has various places to choose from.

Here are some at the top of the list: Sor Vorapin Gym in Khao San, Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy in Bearing, and Fighting Spirit Gym in Silom.


No need to go far to experience this fun water sport, as it is available near the central area of Bangkok. It is best for families to enjoy over the weekend and on weekdays. The most popular areas for this water sport are Taco Lake and Thai Wake Park. You can enjoy this fun water activity for not more than 1,000 THB.


Flow House Bangkok — the city's urban beach club features a Flow Rider that can let you enjoy surfing without the tiring long drives. You will get to relish, and relax as the place features a bar, restaurant, and plunge pool. It boasts an artificial wave machine and an amalgamation of surfing and wakeboarding on an inflatable ramp with thin sheets of water pumped over to simulate waves. There will also be some staff to guide you with a rope and continue to coach you.


It is not the ordinary and typical football you think. Bangkok has a lot of green spaces for those who want to get their football fix. One of the best places to play football is in Thong Lor — Bangkok Bobble Football. The goal of the game is the same as the original but the thing that keeps it different is that instead of the usual jerseys and shorts, players will be wearing a large inflatable bobble. Fun, right?

Airsoft and paintball

As one of the paintball and BB Guns Field in Thailand, Combat Zone Seacon, located on Srinakarin Road, will impress you with its services and personnel in the field of this game. Players are given safety drills before the game, and no need to worry as it is available in English. It is suitable for everyone as pre-teens, teens, and adults will surely love the game in a safe and relaxed environment.

Nature activities

Rock Climbing

Krabi is one of the most impressive and spectacular beaches in Thailand. Among the tourists' and backpackers' choice when it comes to Rock Climbing, Ton Sai Beach is on top of the list. The remarkable limestone rocks seen from beyond the surface of the water make it extraordinary and amazing.


If you are looking for an adrenaline rush during your visit to Thailand, then Pattaya would be the best place to be. Skydiving at 4,000 meters altitude and seeing the Gulf of Thailand and beautiful beaches would be a priceless experience for you. They recommend doing a Tandem Jump as it is the easiest and safest way to enjoy skydiving. Experienced instructors who are English-speaking will be there to guide you. The minimum age for skydiving is 14 years old with parental consent in writing, otherwise 18 years old.

Mountain biking

The north of Thailand has a lot to offer, especially for nature and outdoor activities. Braving the mountainous landscape of Chiang Rai with a tour guide is a lot of fun. There are available packages that allow you to hire a tour guide and rent mountain bikes to use during the tours.


Kata Noi in Phuket is an excellent place for those who want to experience surfing. The waves are not that high, which is perfectly fit for beginners. The quiet and sandy beach of Kata Noi is best for people who also want to meditate on the calmness and quietness of the place.

Snorkelling and scuba diving

It is one of the most popular watersports in Thailand as the country has some of the world's most beautiful sites to dive in. The abundance of marine life, long miles of coastlines, and the breathtaking beauty of the seas make it the go-to place for diving. You may expect the modern and professional equipment and facilities, international standard boats, and professional divers to be readily available.

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