Some place to spend one week near Bangkok?


Do you know any good place near Bangkok (you must be able to go there and come back by bus or train) to spend a few days?

As much as I love this city, I need to get out for one week or so to keep my sanity. I work at home, so I only need a table and a decent internet connection.

The only place I know is Ko Samed, but it doesn't need to be an island or a place in coast. It can  be any place you'd advise to visit with a more relaxed atmosphere than this city. If they have cheap hotels, that'd be interesting too :)

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Try Umpawa, it's old comunity on outskirt of BKK. There are homestays if you interest. You can have relax week with the locals, checking the Klongs and foods. There also the place where you can see lots fly fires at night. The only concern may be the internet connection tho. Another choice is Hua Hin, it's nice place and you can just hop on the van for 2 hours-ish.
Good luck !

Thanks thursday_next! Sounds great.

I'm going to check out the wikipedia right now.


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I would recommend Koh Samet every time! It is beautiful, fairly peaceful but with great beach bars and places to eat. There is a bit of nightlife too!
Just get a bus from Ekhami bus station (think they leave every hour) it is around 130B each way and the bus drops you off at the pier. From the pier you can get a private speed boat or hop on the ferry for about 40B.


try HuA Hin

try bangsaray 2 hours from bangkok on the beach buses run here nice hotel i can recommend siamcourt excellent place good wifi great breakfasts google siamcourt or bangsaray its got a website

If you like temples and old Thailand go to Ayutthaya, quiet and cheep

Yes there are lots of great places to go...

Here would be my top choices if i had a week of free time

HUA HIN (quiet and relaxed but with nightlife and civilization)
PRACHUAP (Very quiet unspoilt beaches but no night life)
KO SAMET (Great place for everything - sun sea  nature & night)
KO CHANG (like Ko samet but a lot bigger)
KHAO YAI (nature reserve 1-2 hours from BKK - lots of walking)
BAENG SAEN (1-2 hours from bangkok - beach and a few bars nice)
PATTAYA (needs no explanation - it is what it is)
AYUTHAYA (one of my favourite quiet places - temples, relaxed)
CHAAM (inbetween bangkok and Hua hin - not many foreigners go but its got almost the same as hua hin on a smaller scale)

Happy pickings!

Koh Samet and Hua Hin are my favourite. Transportation is easy and the views are amazing. Bus, van, and bus and ferry combo prices and schedules are on the website  PhuketFerry. I use the said site ever since. Chiang Mai is also a good destination near BKK. I find the trip very relaxing and meditative.

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