Student life in Bangkok

student life in bangkok
Updated 2022-05-05 15:17

Studying and living in Bangkok can be a great opportunity as it offers endless opportunities for growth. It also provides a wide range of conveniences you will need in your daily life away from home. Here's a brief guide if you're planning to study in Bangkok.

Thailand is a place wherein you can explore every part of each corner. Choosing to study abroad would be difficult at first, but it will likely help you adjust in no time. It will be a great experience exploring a different culture that will hone your personality.

Student visas in Bangkok

First things, first! If you are planning to study at the top universities in Bangkok, you must possess a student visa first. The whole process is quite easy if you're guided by the rules.

In applying for a visa, you must apply for a program of your choice first at your selected university. Once you get accepted into the university, they will send you a letter of admission or acceptance letter which will be officially signed by the officials stating their confirmation. This acceptance letter is essential when applying for a visa as it is a legal prerequisite. Along with the acceptance letter, a copy of your passport, and a recent passport-sized photo are also required. Once all these are complete, you're good to go to present these to apply to the Royal Thai Embassy or Thai Immigration.

Student accommodation

There are many options for where to stay when you're studying in Bangkok - dormitory, apartment, or condominium.

For dormitories, it may appear affordable to some, but you won't have the independence you want, especially if you're going to party at night in the known streets of Bangkok, due to the curfews. However, some students are happy to live in a dorm, so be it. Most public and large universities offer on-campus accommodation due to the campus size.

For apartments, there will be differences as it varies depending on the location and the facilities. You may choose between the short-term and long-term contract and prepare for the two months advance and 1-month deposit before moving in. It is hot in Bangkok, so make sure to choose a good location and well-ventilated room.

Lastly, for condominiums, it is quite the same with the apartments apart from the fact that they will cost you more due to the modern facilities and equipment, i.e. swimming pools, gyms, and sauna.

Rates may vary based on location, size, facilities, amenities, etc. Normal periods for renting is on the basis of per month, per day, and per year. Most rooms are usually fully-furnished, and mothy rates range from 2,500 to 10,000 THB per month.

Cost of living

One of Bangkok's many appeals is its relatively low cost of living — especially when compared to European capitals.

The combined cost of studying and living in Thailand for a student is quite lower than expected. If you are living like a Thai, you won't need a big budget compared to behaving like a tourist. Accommodation and food are affordable, and there are many perks and discounted rates for enrolled students.

International students in Bangkok should count at least $450 - $800 or around 15,000 to 30,000 THB per month. It will cover all costs, including accommodation, food, leisure activities, and shopping too.

Student discounts

When it comes to transportation, discounts are provided for students in all sorts of transportation means. BTS, MRT, buses, and boats, all have discounts and have separate cards for students.

Amusement parks and venues also provide discounts. However, for some, you will need to show your student ID. It is recommended that you register for an International Student Identity Card so it would be easier for you to negotiate when going to the said amusement parks and enjoy your leisure time. ISIC has a website where students can check their benefits and discounts.


There are lots of scholarships offered by universities, government, NGOs, and royal projects. These are for academically qualified students who have met the standards. Make sure to inquire about the admission once you have chosen the perfect fit for your ideals.

Career opportunities for international students

Most universities in Bangkok are included in international rankings, which means they have partnerships with industries and companies in and out of the country.

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