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Updated 2019-06-06 11:18

Bangkok traffic may seem daunting at first, but if you have know-how navigating the notorious Thai capital, it would be pretty easy, especially when you choose to commute over driving to work. Here is how to explore and navigate the Bangkok traffic like a pro using the modern public transportation system.

BTS Skytrain

BTS Skytrain, also known as the rót fai fáa, is the most convenient and low-cost way to beat the traffic and enjoy your way to your destination. It helps you cross your way to the congested streets as it connects many working areas, popular attractions, shopping areas, hotels, and nightlife areas.
The BTS Skytrain runs from 6 am until midnight and is interconnected with the MRTs and ARLs. In purchasing a ticket, you must prepare your coins as most ticket machines only accept coins, but don't fret as ticket counters are always available for changing bills to coins.

Subway MRT

The MRT, also known as ród-fai-dtâi-din, is Bangkok's underground metro system. This is very helpful, especially with people staying along the Sukhumvit and Silom area as it is fast and efficient. Tokens or chips are used and can be bought in their automated machines and ticket counters.

ARL (Airport Rail Link)

ARL is the fastest route and cost-efficient way to connect from the busy streets of Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport and vice versa without taking a metered taxi. It operates daily from 05:30 until midnight and covers the area from Phayathai to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Like BTS and MRT, ARL ticket chips can be purchased through the automated machines and ticketing booths.

BMTA Buses

BMTA Bus service connects almost all parts of the city. However, it might be challenging for an expat to be familiar with its routes and abouts as there are many cons when opting to travel through bus, especially with the heat and traffic jam of Bangkok.

It is really tricky to travel like a pro using Bangkok's BMTA as you need to figure out what time it will pass through the bus stops, drivers and conductors speak limited English, and routes are written mostly in the Thai Language.


With Bangkok's bumper-to-bumper traffic during office rush hours, WIN motorcycle is the saviour. The orange-vested drivers along the alleys and street corners are available almost everywhere and can take you practically anywhere. However, some opportunist WIN drivers take advantage of the farang innocence when asking fares, but most of them are admirably honest and accommodating.

River and canal boats

Various people live far from the city line, which makes the river and canal boats helpful in saving time, money and effort. It operates along the Chao Phraya River passing through riverside temples, and stilt houses of Bangkok. Services vary according to the colour code of each boat.

Deciding which area to stay in should be considered given the hustle and bustle this city has. The sprawling city of Bangkok provides an efficient way to travel and reach your destination, but it would be perfect if you could stay near your workplace.

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