Neighbourhoods in Bangkok

Neigbourhoods in Bangkok
Updated 2022-05-08 15:05

The charm of the twinkling city lights and glittering temples will make you want to stay long in the city of angels. Relocate to Bangkok and experience the vibrancy of the culture and the city. Explore and discover the city's modern, sophisticated, and coolest neighborhood and immerse yourself in Thai cuisine, bustling nightlife, and chic marketplaces when in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a sprawling city that may leave you both confused and excited. It's also full of vivid neighborhoods that can match almost any lifestyle.

With that, there are plenty of factors to consider when planning and deciding to stay in Bangkok for the long term. Below are the choices and top places to consider when in Bangkok.


It is popularly known as the city of expatriates as it has Bangkok's leading commercial district. Asoke comprises the best of everything as it comes with expensive residential and commercial buildings, stylish restaurants, and chic night bars. This area is at the heart of Bangkok, MRT and BTS Trains are interconnected, so it is very easy to reach. The most significant advantage to staying in this area is that it is connected to almost all the rest of the cities. But there are also the downsides: high rent prices, noise, and crowds. You may also have trouble finding parking spaces unless you are staying in a condominium with a parking lot.

The monthly rate for a studio-type room starts at THB 20,000 per month.


This area is an established district with the most prominent business hotspots for finance and IT companies. During the weekdays, the streets get busier due to traffic as many workers travel to work. Come the weekend, the neighborhood becomes more peaceful in the morning and lively at night as many nightlife spots are present in the area as well.

Apartments, condominiums, and townhouses are both in abundance in this area. Train stations which are connected to the cities, shopping malls, grocery stores, and hospitals are all present and accessible as well. Staying in the Silom area makes a lot of sense if your workplace is located nearby.

Prices range from around THB 8, 000 and THB 100,000 per month depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Ratchadaphisek/Rama 9

The Ratchada neighborhood offers a fantastic balance between business and leisure. This area has much more of a residential feel to it compared to Silom and Sukhumvit — which makes it quite popular with expats.

Living in a condominium here is a good trade-off between quality and price. It is less expensive compared to the Sukhumvit area.

Bars and nightclubs are present in this area located in Huai Kwang, which is the RCA - Royal City Avenue -, so expect a bustling nightlife. Shopping malls, grocery stores, and hospitals are also prevailing in these areas. Rent prices range from THB 6,500 to 100,000 depending on the type of accommodation preferred. A studio-type accommodation starts from THB 6,500 per month.

Thong Lor

Thong Lor is a popular place and is identified by locals as a 'hi-so' or a high society as Japanese businessmen, classy expatriates, Thai celebrities, and VIPs live in this area. This upper-class residential area is close to downtown and known to be the perfect choice for trendy restaurants and spots to drink the night away. You can also see many Japanese shops and people there.

Khlongs or canals are visible in this area, helping the people staying here beat the traffic to almost everywhere, whether to workplaces, shopping malls, or tourist attractions. As for the prices in this area, expect them to be on the high side. You should be able to find a place starting from THB 25,000.


This is a huge residential area, popular with both locals and expats. It's a good choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly condominium. It is not far from central Bangkok as you can take a BTS Sky train with only five stations away. Markets and popular grocery stores are present and can be reached on foot. You won't find too many parks here — but most condominiums have lots of greenery.

Rent prices range from THB 5,000 to 50,000 depending on the type of accommodation

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