Can anyone tell me the Pro/Con of living in BangNa


I am planning to move with my wife, 2 kids - 11 and 7 yrs old, maid, dog. from dubai to BKK. and my wife will be working in BKK international airport. and we are considering st andrews for my kids school.

can anyone think of a few Pro/Cons to live in BangNa area?

We are not a very socially active family and we prefer to have a peaceful and larger house if we need to.

Odd no one answered this; given the timing it may be a bit late.  I work in Bangna sometimes, and live in the older North-West side of town (below Ari; above that things are different), and my main work site is in Sathorn, so some different areas of the city are familiar.

Bangna seems ok as suburb areas go.  A main "pro" for living anywhere along the BTS line is that you can get into the center of the city without fighting traffic.  Shopping, grocery stores, and restaurant options down there are less developed but there's plenty around for basics.  The look and feel is a little grittier.

A main concern, and potential con, is commuting to your own jobs and your kids' schools.  There are St. Andrews campuses along Sukhumvit, in Sathorn, and in Dusit, and the Sukhumvit one would probably be easy to get to by BTS, unless driving to the BTS station from living not so close became an issue.  That airport isn't so far away from Bangna as the rest of the city goes but a lot of residential areas would be a really easy commute to there along the Airport Link line instead, it's just that not much of that matches up with the BTS or MRT systems, only the places along the West side of that line.

It kind of comes down to weighing that out against other areas as options, and considering other factors like housing.  Luckily crime really doesn't seem to be the same kind of concern it comes up as in the US.

Thanks for your reply. And I agree with everything you mentioned. It was based on these that we choose onnut area finally 😊🙏

On Nut has some really extensive restaurant options, covering a broad range.  I don't need to tell you that, just adding some conversation here since this place runs a bit quiet.  And it's a good place to head East from in order to get to the Srinakarin / airport side of town, although Bangna really is too.  But then given how Bangkok traffic plays out it probably takes as long to drive directly as to cover twice the distance and take the BTS to the Airport Link all the way up at Phaya Thai.

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