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Am currently working in Hong Kong.  Been to Thailand quite a few times.  Fell in love with this land of smile and the truely friendly people there.  Am seriously considering purchasing  1 bedroom condo with good facility and nice location in BKK for my retirement.  You guys have any experience of purchasing condo in BBK ? Which location and when the best time to buy ?  Should i engage a local property agent ? Anything to look out for when making such a big investment decision ?

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In my opinion if you are going to buy pick something within walking distance of skytrain or subway station.  Cost in those area's will be a bit more but resale is better if you wish to sale later.   I would not use an agent but that is a personal preference for each individual buyer.

I don't know your age but you are aware that according to experts around the world Bangkok could be under water by 2030 because of land subsidence and rising sea levels.  There are many signs of this around the city.

you must first determine how you'd like to spend your retirement. in the city, or in a nice environment.

if you please to retire inside a city, i'd recommend bangkok. the best area would be sukumvit and silom (but it will be costly) within a walking distance to BTS (skytrain) or MRT (subway).

the other alternatives would include the ratchadaphisek and sathorn. however, for ratchadaphisek area, you'd better check out carefully because there are some red light districts nearby.

if you plan to retire in a nice environment, i'd recommend Chiang Mai (mountainous area, lots of japanese expats) and Pattaya (sea & beach area, lots of western expats.) however, pattaya may not be so peaceful so i personally recommend Chiang Mai. but if you love the night light, head to pattaya.

there are also many other nice place to stay in thailand. but i think it may be good for visits during certain periods of the year, not long-stay.

tell me your objective and preference, so that i can give you a better advice.

buying through an agent sure is costly, but using the service of a professional one can protect you from scams and some difficulties. anyway, before making a decision, it's better to discuss with the local guy ;)

send me message if you need further opinion.

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I think better to by close to transportation but it depends on you if you like quieter places so you can buy a car as well.

you should to buy some close to CBD or not far from public transport like BTS(sky train) or MRT(subway train).
Maybe some area like Sukhumwit not over Bangna station.
I suggest Abstract condo Paholyothin cause it close to Central Ladprao department store and just 400 meter far from MRT .
Most important is room size 46 sq.meter for 1 bed room and only 75,000 baht per sq.meter (cheapest in area)

To buy condo in Thailand is the good way of investment but must be to right property

Welcome to Thailand

If you're retiring in Thailand and you can buy a condominium then you could probably buy a car as well... If so, then why not rent/buy a house in the suburb of Bangkok where you can enjoy the green environment, friendly local people, wider home space, good shopping and nice restaurants.

In my real estate experience, you must chose where you want to settle in Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, Changmai or any places.What budget you have?

The investment depends on your target, that's true that the BTS or MRT line must be a great location while design, developer, juristic, location as riverside or business center, are good deal for it. 

I like Emporio Place at Sukhumvit 26 , The Melt at Silom , The River at Chopaya Riverside , Villa Ratchatewi ( coz of location only ), THe Address Sukhumvit and IDEO at Sukhumvit line ( small but good price, chic design and good location ).


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