Help: interior design of my condo!

Hi everyone!

Maybe someone can help me:

My rented flat is ok but I'm half depressed when I look at the furniture in my living room (sofa and dining chairs colour).

I don't want to spend fortunes 'coz I'm only here for 2 years and I have no time to go shopping.

Does anyone have ideas for quick fixes?


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Hello Tommy21 and welcome to!

I hope that you'll soon find a solution.;)


Not sure if Ikea in Bang na has open yet or not. But im sure if you go around bangkok youll be able to find some good furniture that local shops make at good prices. Even you can order them to make u something special perhaps. :) Hope it helps.

Hi Tommy21,

I also just moved to BKK a few months ago. I found a nice place, but the curtains where awful. My broker gave me the number of a lady from Brussels (Nathalie: moderated: pls use the private msg system), who is doing interior. She came over to the flat, had a look at the design and came back with some suggestions one week later. My flat definitly looks way better this way and is was the same price I would have paid if I would have bought them somewhere else. Furthermore, 1st consulting is for free and she is really flexible (I also don't have much time).

I think you should give this a try, as far as I know, she has been doing it for a while, so she will know where to get some new furniture for suitable prices!

I hope this helps!

All the best and welcome to BKK :-)


You did not mention whether you wish to re-cover furniture or buy new.  If you want to purchase then give Index or SB Furniture a try. Both offer decent level quality with Index being cheapest.

If you want to re-cover the interior design person as mentioned above would be best because they can arrange everything.

Ikea open on November 3rd.

Thank you everyone!

I will give Tan1612`s advice a try. And I will also check out IKEA, Index and SB Furniture. :cool:

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i know an interior designer. she did my condo. and she's awesome. just give her your budget and you'll get the best out of that money. she knows where to buy things cheap, i got that advantage. i recommend her.

her email is [email protected]

Hi Tan,

I am interested by Nathalie's service for our apartment, could you give me her contact please?

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Maybe you can have a look at the real estate page here, it might help : … al-estate/