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I'll be staying in bangkok for three months during an internship. I was wondering how safe is the Bang Kapi area to stay in? Also, I've found a couple of places online that fit my budget and other requirements. But I'm still not sure how reliable the ad postings are. Could anybody experienced in this, suggest if I should go ahead and book a place that I like or wait till I check out the place in person.


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Find a few places you like on the internet then check each out once you arrive.

Never book a place you have not seen in person for lengthy stay.

Perhaps if you list your budget and location of internship forum readers may have suggestions.

Thank you so much, Harmonie.

Thanks, Straydog. I thought as much. And you're right I'll just post my query here.

I'll be interning in Bangkok for 3 months. My budget is anything below 10,000 THB and the area I'm looking for accommodation is Bang Kapi.

If anybody has suggestions do let me know. I travel in two weeks and I'm starting to panic a bit :/

Ananya, you have to think about what your priorities are.
You are only going to stay for 3 months, most places requires 12 months contracts, some 6 months contracts. If only 3 month, I think you have to look for a serviced apartment, or if you find a studio, you could suggest the landlord that you pay extra for 3 month contact only. Internship, your work should be able to recommend some places.
If you like to go into the Sukhumvit area, the MRT/BTS doesn't go to Bang Kapi, not sure whether the airport link does.

Don't book anything in advance. Always look good on pictures, but often those pictures are old, and no maintanince in the buildings since...

Yeah, I called a couple of places I've found online. Either they say their ads or old or they say there's the one year contract thing. I fly out this weekend so I guess I'll have to go physically and look for a place. Serviced apartments in the area seem to be booked mostly, but I'll check again. The organization I'm working with is super new and so everyone is super busy so I haven't been able to get any suggestions from them.Unfortunately it will have to be all me.

I did consider the fact that Bang kapi is not connected by MRT or BTS, but the area my work is at is Bueng Kum. I don't have to go into the city for work and I didn't want to get a place in the city because I've heard traffic is crazy. Could you guys tell me how viable it is to get the help of a real estate agent.

Thanks for all the useful info so far! :)

I can't help you here, maybe someone else can. When I was looking it was near the BTS areas.
I doubt there are many agents dealing with housing under 10.000 thb, specially in that area.
First link is in English, second is in Thai so you probably need to translate with google translator

If not usefull, you can ask your work if one of the Thai workers can take you around to look

Bangkapi is safe. But there are very traffic jam in the morning and afternoon.

You can use MRT to go around. (nearest MRT station is Ladprao station)

Thank you pcd and magical for the help. I just got to bangkok this morning.

Pcd, I've taken your advice and looked through some thai sites and I got some really useful info - will follow up on that.

Magical, glad to know bang kapi is safe - I was kinda worried about that. My internship is in Khlong Kum. I though most of the traffic in Bang Kapi was headed towards the city, so if I'm headed to Khlong Kum it shouldn't be a problem, right?!

Is Khlong Kum and Bung Kum are the same?

Is it near the Sri Boon Ruang peir?

If it is the same i think it shouldn't be a problem.

Ahh besides MRT you can take a boat to avoid traffic :)

(Sri Boon Ruang Peir is nearest)

Yup, the address of my place is Klong Kum, Bung Kum so I guess it is. Don't know about a pier near there. Also, in a completely unrelated topic - I have a holiday tomorrow from my internship because of Songkran. Do you know if the sight seeing places will be open tomorrow? If yes, do you have any suggestions of what how I can spend the day.

Thanks :)

Oops I just read your entire message now :P Perfect then, Bang Kapi is where I'll stay then :D

i've sent you an informations

if you have further questions let me know :)

you can go check in nasa vegas hotel they have a serviced apartment which would be ok for your stay...

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I've already found a place pretty close to nasa vegas :)