Soi Cowboy- is it dangerous

I am thinking of renting a place near the sukhumvit/asoke road junction called Superlai Premier Place.

On the map it says it is near Soi Cowboy.....  Now I don't really want to live near a red light district as I am going to live in my own.....I am female

Does anyone know this area and can advise me on how loud and raucous it can get or would it be ok?

cheers x

Well, guessing from the map in this URL When they say "near" Soi cowboy I suppose they meant to put something "famous" or slightly "touristic" to make it look like it is central. Therefore more attractive to rent.

However, from were it points out, to were soi cowboy actually is. Is a good 15 minute walk. I know this because in the other side of the road, there is the singa beer garden, which is bit less than 10 minute walk from asok. And that apartment/condo is bit further.

As for the location, it looks quite good. I used to live in din daeng ( near fortune tower ) but used to walk down petchaburi road sometime to sometime and looked like a nice place.

Hope my insight helps.

Pretty nice area to live tho, coz then you get to be surrounded by the city!  But for me I think nothing to worry about the soi.  If you are just one commuter on the street, you won't have any problems. :)

Nothing to worry about in my opinion concerning Soi Cowboy.

You don't say if your already in Bangkok or not.  If here already why not check the area out for yourself both in day and night.  If not in Bangkok then rent somewhere for a month so you can check different area's of city before you decide which area you want to live.

Never rent a place for long term sight unseen.

Hi there

i know Supalai very well and it is far enough from Cowboy that it will be of no concern. The condos there are very nice, the facilities great and the roof top pool views are stunning. I would say 15 minutes walk from Cowboy to Supalai, towards Petchaburi MRT, in fact it is closer to the Petchaburi station than Sukhumvit MRT or Asok BTS.

Hope this helps.