Help needed to start off living in bangkok

Hi there, I am from Singapore and will be posted to Bangkok in April, currently still worry for my accomodation. I'm a Project Manager in ID fitout, mostly hotel projects.

I'm looking to rent a pleasant and safe place, probably a condo or service apartment, which is near or easy access to my office @ Sukhumvit 55, North Klong Ton, Wattana.

Been browsing websites and still very unsure as I am not familiar with BKK at all.

Appreciate contributions and advices.

Looking forward to make new friends.. :)

Hello Jacson, Welcome on :)

Have you check the adverts on the: Accommodation in Bangkok page? There might be some adverts which might interest you, else you can also post a customized advert (as per your need, budget range) on that same page.


Thank u for the advice Yud!

WElcome to Thailand khun Jacson..bkk has many choice for accommodation close with ur office..and nice + safe..many service apartment too :)all depend ur budget..!

Have a nice day!!

Hello Ksupananai

My budget is about 28,000baht, care to advice further? :)

check out :)

Hello Jacson!
I'm a fellow Singaporean as well and will be glad to practice my mandarin with you too!:) So far I've not met any expat Singaporeans here in BKK though, only tons of Singaporean friends who have come here to visit.
I think with your budget, you can easily find a one/two bedroom, very nice apartment/condo here in Bangkok. I think the area where you'll be working in should be in Thonglor. It's one of the nicest parts of BKK with lots of restaurants and pubs..basically entertainment and shopping around where you work.
If you need to know more websites on finding a place to rent, do let me know as I know a few more too.
Luis by the way will be a great help on giving you more info on BKK as he has been very helpful with many people in your similar situation.:)

thanks for the lead Luis! :cool:

great info u have provided mixedgal, appreciate

I suggest you check below link.  It allows you to zoom in on any area of Thailand and locate many types of landmarks from apartments, shopping malls or even government buildings.  I suggest you give it a try on Sukhumvit Soi 55 area and then use landmarks interface box to select what you want located.  Then clicking on individual symbol like "H" for hotel and it will give you name and sometimes more info.  I find it to be very helpful.

Hi Jacson,

My friend has a studio condominium for rent. It's so close with BTS station so I think it's convenient for you. If you wanna see just give me message or if you wany another area I'll ask my foreign friends to help you according to your budget. I also love to make a new friend.

Welcome to Bangkok



Although not obviously Singaporean (but Ang Moh), I have lived there 12 years, married and have family there, too, so can say my heart is Singaporean.
I wouldn't mind meeting other Singaporeans and finding friends and am up for all kinds of weekend activities. Please let me know!

If you are looking for a house with garden in the suburbs (this requires a car and patience with Bangkok gridlock!), I can help in your accommodation search. Yes, your budget is more than sufficient for this!


Hello Jacson,

(I'm Thai national.) I haven't read any other comments yet; however, IMO, if your monthly budget is at least Baht 30,000 or higher, you might want to make use of professional agency services. (Tip: The higher your budget is, the more willing they might seem to be.)

How the realty companies work here regarding the commission fees is, usually landlords will pay for their service; so, in a sense, you could save time and energy through their professional efforts – for free.

It all depends on your expat(?) package.

Have a nice day.

Stay in temporary accommodation for a
Couple of weeks while you check places out and get a feel for Bangkok - don't commit from Singapore.

Welcome to bkk

Hi ozinbkk

Thank for the advice.

That's what I'm doing now, putting up in a service apartment for a month, hunting for a permanent rental condo.

ozinbkk wrote:

Stay in temporary accommodation for a
Couple of weeks while you check places out and get a feel for Bangkok - don't commit from Singapore.

Welcome to bkk

Your office is in an area called Thonglor, famous for having many Japanese and trendy Thais living in that area. You will find many good restaurants and shops close to your work. The closest BTS stations to you are either Thonglor, Ekamai or Phrom Phong. If you're searching for an apartment on craiglist search for ones close to those stations. For that price you should be able to find a decent apartment. If you want to use a apartment agent I would recommend Gerwin over at Amazing Properties.

I live in Thonglor area so if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Hi thaifaq

Pls help ask the agent to contact me at


You'd probably be better off staying in a cheap hotel whle you look around- it's a much more affordable option than staying in a service apartment. I know I had the same problem when I moved here, but if you find a reasonably priced, clean hotel then you don't have to rush into choosing somewhere. :)

Hi Debbie

Service Apartment I'm staying is 20,000 per mth. Small room but comfortable. Full height glass door facing swimming pool which is 5 steps away. Cost fully paid by company.