Moving soon to Bangkok and.. I really need help for the apt!PLEASE :)

I know I know I know..I am sure everyone passed by this moment, but I am here with my maps all over my desk trying to figure out at least the location of my job place.

My company offered me a 10 months contract in Bangkok and they kindly gave me also a suggestion for the serviced apt but I am not really happy about it.
I KNOW you can't ad anything here, but maybe could you email me your opinion?

Slom, Sathorn area
budget +/- 25.000T


Welcome on Expat-blog Anitata! :) Try the Bangkok classifieds > accommodations.

Good luck

It depends on where your job is and how your tollerance for traffic is. If it's colse to thr GTS sky train a monthly pass is the best way to go. It also depends on your comfort on neighborhood and if you want hot watter too!
[email protected] been up north for almost 5 years, but do teavel to BKK at times.

Hi there, I worked in Sathorn as well and I live very nearby but not in the highly expensive Silom & Sathorn area. I know a Condo is just across the river and just 15,000 bht per month. Furnished. It is convenient and it has gym & pool facilities. Very near to skytrain station.Make the horrible traffic condition not too much a deal.

Let me know if I can help. Drop me an email:[email protected]

Hi there, welcome to Bangkok.
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morbid wrote:

Hi I'm been in Bkk for 4 yrs, have my own condo but thanks for offering. You can help me to rent out another condo if you can. Can you help me?


Hi Morbid,

You should rather check out the Accomodation section in Bangkok Classifieds or insert an ad yourself. It's free!
Hope this hekps1

Hi Arlette,

Thanks for the tip.We will look into that..:)

Relatively close to the area you want is the lower Sukhumvit zone. The BTS & Subway near your place. Really excellent condo (studio) after bargaining is 17.000 bahts. Swimming pool, gym, sauna, security 24h, reception 24h. You can get a new studio (I did) for that money and that's always nice.

Best regards,
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I am an Indian working with an International R&D organization. I am now moving to Bangkok with my family (wife & 2 kids - aged 4 1/2 and 1 year old). I am desperately looking for advice on apartments/condos/houses and school for my kid.

My work are is around Phra Atit Road, Bangkok

I need your advice on

(a) A place to stay close to my work area; pref a double bedroom; ready to spend around 25000B/month

(b) A english medium school for my son (aged 4 1/2 years old) very close to the place of stay

(c) Would appreciate if there is a roman catholic church close-by

Thanks so much! ([email protected])

Hi gerard123,

you should maybe start a new discussion ?