Chiropractor in Bangkok

I am moving to work as a chiropractor in Bangkok. Any suggestions as to where I should look for condo? Also any suggestions on clothing and etceteras to bring?

Depends on your Budget. The good ( and expensive ) areas are Sukhumvit - Asoke, Siam, Thong Lo, Si Lom, Lumpini and Ekkamai. If your Budget is medium, then Phra Ram 9, Suthissan, Yannawa, Phra Khanong, On Nut etc.

As for clothing, You will need very light weight clothing material, as it is very very hot and humid all around the year.

Thanks, the office is located on Sukhumvit but I had heard it was loud and crowded. I bought lots of silk shirts when I was in Vietnam and wore flip flops a lot. I don't think I will be doing that in Thailand because I am working for a Thai owned group called D-Spine. Ever hear of them?
I haven't been to Bangkok in 15 years and I imagine it has changed quite a bit. Are you having any problems with the Red shirts? Police? Locals? I felt quite safe there when I was there, but some people have told me they felt a lot of tension in the air.

Yeah. Sukhumvit is very crowded, but as well is a massive road. Parallel to it there are very nice quiet zones.
And yes, I know D-Spine, my g/f has gone a couple of times to the office in Sukhumvit precisely.

About the Red shirts, the only problem right now is that hey come in the thousands blocking the mayor streets and places in bangkok, one of them being Sukhumvit. Locals still smile and police have their usual road blocks a little bit more, but thats it by now.
Hopefully it will not escalate to more, because this is a great country.
A source for information fist hand, is the "bangkok post", where you can get updated in all that.

Hope it helps. :)

Yes, I know it is a great place to live. Thanks for the info. I will look at the Post more often. See ya.

Hi I have a problem with my neck, can I come for a treatment? Mike 0815597257

of course you can come. look at D-Spine chiroractic, we are located in several parts of Bangkok so you can pick the one closest to you. I won't arrive in Bangkok until after the 1st of May though. take care.