Meeting people in Bangkok

How to develop a social network in Bangkok
Updated 2022-05-07 20:48

Traveling around and finding things in Bangkok would be hard at first, but it would be great to enjoy it if you're friends with the locals. It would be easy to have an insider view of where to go and what to see, so here are some tips for building your social circle in the Thai capital city.

Most tourists are trapped in places by spending the whole visit going to the typical temples, statues, and monuments, which are not that fascinating. Bangkok has a lot more to offer than these. Social networking, for instance, allows you to experience the culture and immerse yourself in the hospitality of the locals as they are some of the friendliest people in the world.

Socialise with the locals

Here are some of the ways to build and develop a social network in Bangkok:

Private cooking classes with the locals

Learn to cook the famous Pad Thai and visit the local markets wherein you can buy and interact with the locals. Through this, you can learn about the culture as well as taste the best flavours of Thailand.

Experience Ayutthaya on a day trip with a local tour guide

Head out to the busy streets of Bangkok and immerse yourself in the former capital of Thailand. The stunning temples and floating market of Ayutthaya will let you interact with locals and learn the historical facts and stories.

After hours and nightlife

Have a fun night in Bangkok with the locals and enjoy everything it offers from the street foods to the red-light districts. Enjoy the nightlife scene in the neighbourhoods and go for a walk in the streets where you will meet and interact with the locals.

Popular social networking apps

Thailand belongs to the Top 10 active users of social media accounts, spending many hours online per day. It is also known to be the hottest ground for social networking platforms with numbers that grow rapidly each year.

Most Thais love chatting, gossiping, and conversing with their peers, so it's no surprise that messenger apps are a big YES to them. Here are the most popular networking and messaging apps which Thais use daily, whether for work or personal use:


This is by far the most popular messaging application in Thailand as almost all have it. Nearly 95% of people use Line instead of Facebook messenger. Both have the same features, but it has stickers that allow them to express their emotions. It is also complete as you can do free calls and voice messages.


This platform is also one of the Thais' favourites as it is a popular internet forum for Thais of all ages. It is in the Thai language, but it also has an English translation. If you want to know the ongoing trends and current social networking events, you can easily be updated here.

It has 38 different topics to choose from, and it expands as it contains forums wherein people of all ages discuss and share their interests with each other.


Bangkok is the top city known with large numbers of active users on Facebook as an average Thai person uses Facebook for nearly three to four hours every day. They can relate to the most popular pages with the viral videos, news, and celebrities they follow

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