Best networking practices in Bangkok

The networking etiquette in Bangkok
Updated 2022-05-07 19:30

Thailand is a land of smiles, and most people are friendly, especially in Bangkok. It is also a country with a rich culture, customs, and traditions that are way different from what you're probably used to. Not all are expected to learn and be knowledgeable of all the traditions, but it is a good point for foreigners moving to Bangkok to have knowledge of Thai etiquette.

Thais are very social, fun to be with, and witty. They are very conservative, so they do not possess the attitude of being argumentative, quarrelsome, and showy of emotions. These are a big NO-NO in Thailand. So, if you are planning to go and experience life in Bangkok, take note of this helpful information about the local culture.


Wai is a Thai greeting with a slight bow and palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. When someone offers you a wai make sure to offer in return as it is considered rude not to return back.

Going out

Thais are really into pop and rock music. So, expect them to sing along to their favourite songs when played but do not expect much from them to dance as it is very rare to see Thais dancing unless it is a very big party or festival.

Gifts and presents

Who doesn't love gifts? All of us do! Right? If you are invited somewhere or one of your colleagues is celebrating their birthday, don't forget to bring something for them even if it is cheap or simple. Thais are very appreciative of that way. It is really the thought that matters to them. Also, take note not to wrap the gift in black, blue, and green as these colours are only used in funerals.


It is considered impolite to leave some rice on the plate after eating. It is very important to value the hard work of the farmers as rice is very difficult to grow and harvest. So, don't get much if you can't eat it all.

Splitting up the bill

Thais are very outgoing, but they are also frugal. Unlike other nationalities who take the honour to pay the bill on behalf of friends, rarely you will see Thais offering to pay the bill by themselves. The entire bill will be split evenly among all members. So, if you are planning to eat and drink out with Thai friends, don't expect to have it free!


In Thailand, the head is the most sacred part of the body, and it is mentioned on almost all guides when going to Thailand not to touch the head of Thais as it is where their soul is.


Thailand is considered the Land of Smiles. Thais are smiling almost all the time, even in bustling Bangkok, whether they're happy or embarrassed. Even though they are in a difficult situation, rather than worry since they can't do much about it, they smile. So, when you are trying to get along with the locals, share the positive vibe and bring all the patience you have.

These are some of the important guidelines to take note of when you are trying to get along with Thais. If you are not sure of what you're doing or how to behave, just be observant of what the people are doing around you.

Always remember to be very keen and respectful when you are on the territory of others.

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