How to develop a professional network in Bangkok

Professional network in Bangkok
Updated 2022-05-07 19:45

Getting to know the right people is as important as getting references and experiences when it comes to landing a job in Bangkok. There's no need to be in Bangkok to start connecting with the right person. In fact, it's a good idea to start networking with fellow expats, people in your professional field, those with common interests, and more.

Below, find some tips on how to effectively build a professional network in Bangkok.

Before you get to Bangkok

As we've mentioned above, there is no need to wait till you land in Bangkok to start making connections.

Thailand is a very popular travel destination and the chances there may be someone who has been to Thailand or even worked in the country within your immediate network. Even if your friends or acquaintances are no longer in Thailand, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who is still in the country.

Check expat groups in Thailand on Facebook and Linkedin and read through local forums. Expat communities in Bangkok tend to be quite close-knit. This means that by reaching out to someone online, you may not only get some valuable insights about life in the county but also substantially expand your network. You may also end up meeting people from your line of work, which can help you with your job hunt.

Here are some useful resources to get you started:


Bangkok Expats (80,000 members): job offers, rentals, news, networking, meetups, etc.

Bangkok Entrepreneurs (7,000 members): a support forum for entrepreneurs in the city. You can ask questions, exchange ideas, look for partners and investors, etc.

Bangkok Business Connections (17,000 members): professional networking, job offers, and more.

Thailand Professionals (14,000 members): member-only group for professional networking.

Teaching jobs in Thailand (89,000 members): offers for job seekers and teacher employers in Thailand.

Actors Association of Thailand (27,000 members): member-only group for actors and models in Thailand.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is another great resource for networking in Bangkok even before you arrive in the city. If you are looking for work opportunities in Bangkok, consider updating your profile. Change your location to Bangkok and your status to “open to new opportunities. This can make you more visible to headhunters and employers in the city. You can also search for available vacancies in your field via LinkedIn and connect with professionals in your industry.

After you arrive in Bangkok

Once you are already in the city, you will have even more options for building your network.

When you are in Bangkok, you can start by meeting in person with the connections you've made online. You can also reach out to the companies you've earmarked on LinkedIn letting them know that you are available for interviews.

Next, to further expand your network, you can start attending local networking events.

Check out platforms like Eventbrite, Meetup, and others where different groups of people get together to organize live networking events. Thailand also has a number of Chambers of Commerce, which often hold events, conferences and themed meetups for both expats and locals. You can usually find all the information about upcoming events on the websites of each Chamber of Commerce.

NFS (Networking for Success) is a networking lunch held every first Tuesday of every month with at least 20 top executives that provide opportunities to meet in a private setting. It also has business presentations and meals. It is usually held at the CEO Suite in Athenee Tower next to Ploen Chit BTS Station.

Bangkok Entrepreneurs has monthly meetups, workshops, and events that bring together individuals and professionals alike from industries. Their event is the annual Thailand Startup Summit, which has at least 600 attendees each that including promising entrepreneurs and investors.

If you are in Bangkok to look for official employment, consider attending one of the city's many recruitment fairs.

How to meet people in Bangkok?

Bangkok offers lots of opportunities for networking outside of official and organized events. You can start up a conversation with someone sitting next to you in the coffee shop or standing in line at the grocery store. As we've mentioned above, the expat community in the city is very tight-knit and a lot of expats will be happy to share their experiences with you and offer advice.

The main takeaway here is that you shouldn't be afraid to reach out to people and start conversations in simple everyday situations. You may end up making valuable connections and great friends.

Have your introduction ready

When networking at professional events, conferences, when attending a job interview or simply talking to a new acquaintance, you will need to introduce yourself . As easy as it may sound, personal and professional introductions are often the most difficult part of a conversation. You will have to work in a lot of information in a relatively short time without sounding too shy or too braggy. Because of this, it's a good idea to have a short introduction ready so that you don't lose the train of thought. This type of introduction is often called “an elevator speech” as it should be as short as a ride in an elevator.

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