Job opportunity for dentist from India in bangkok

I have completed my post graduation in dentistry..MDS with 2 years of experience..Can anyone please tell me about the job opportunity for indian dentist in Bangkok and the procedure to obtain license..
Is the license exam conducted in Thai for international doctors?
Can MDS work as a lecturer in Dental college in Thailand?

There are lots of Thai dentist here. There's a road, Ngammongwan between mall Ngammongwan and Pantip plaza, dental clinics are plentiful and all are competing in prices.

Many local dentists are educated overseas and speak fluent english. There are dental clinics and hospitals on Sukhumvit road that most Foreigners go.

Dentist rotate between clinics and hospitals.

I am talking about job opportunities for international dentist in thailand

Though I have seen dentists of Indian decent, my guess would be that they are Thai citizens.  I would think you should contact a professional dental association in Thailand or look for contacts in the Indian community for help.

Many local dentists can do the job instead of foreign dentist or you called International dentist.

There's lots of dental clinics with English speaking dentist who are trained and graduated overseas in UK and USA

Likewise for doctors too as International hospitals uses their services

Read info on following link.

Thanks everyone

Hi , Did u find a way for job oppotunity as dentist in BKK/ Thailand ?

you will need Thai Dental Board licence to practice as dentist in Thailand, it is a 2 parts exam in Thai language.

otherwise you can join as lecturer or tutor in Dental Colleges/Universities.

Can we work as a tutor?