Where's a good place to learn Thai-Kickboxing in Bangkok for an expat?

For a beginner, if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/websites etc, that will be awesome!


Hi CG,

Well, actually there're many gyms that teach you Muaythai in Bangkok. One of them, I've got for you is Fairtex Gym RCA that I've heard for awhile. You may wanna contact them by this number 02-253-1443 or visit its site fairtex.com.

Let me know if you still want another and I'll search for you.


I like the thai-faq.com/thai-faqs/muay-thai-training-chakrit-school/ near Emporium shopping mall. Close to BTS station and a nice little gym. There's also a good place called Fight Club up on Thonglor Ave.

Hi guys,

I've checked out both sites and they look pretty intense! I'm presuming not a lot of girls take up this sport as a hobby?! I don't want to train to be a fighter, just want to get fit and toned, therefore I need a gym which isn't going to kill me, but yet is serious with its routine.

I'm moving over in August, so I guess I could call/check them out when I finally arrive.

Thank you!!


There are quite a few places in Bangkok which will train women. Outside the city, lots don't!

Fairtex is a good place to start as a beginner as they are very used to working with holiday-makers. Remember they have to make the web look serious to sell anything!

Other good places would bejittigym.com or thaiboxings.com

It's a great sport, heaps of fun!! Good luck!

Hi niamhg,

I couldn't get on the 'bejittigym.com' site but managed to browse 'thaiboxings.com'. The latter looks awesome, and has two gyms, neither of which I know where they're located:

Sor.Vorpin 1. 13 Trok Kasap, Jakapong Rd., Panakorn, Bangkok 10200 Thailand 

Sor.Vorpin 2. 37/15 Moo 10, Soi Siriwat, Suanpak Rd., Talingchun Bangkok 10170 

Do you know if this is quite a distance from downtown Bangkok?

I liked the look of 'Fairtex' gym, but it's 30 miles outside of Bangkok, not easy to get to after a day at work.

I used to do a bit of Muay Thai at university and loved it; it really is the best way to keep in shape.



Well looks like I made a typo which is why you coulnd't find Jitti's gym - no be!


The Sor Vorapin 1 is maybe the easiest to find; it's near the Khao San road backpacker area. Actually its about 3 minutes walk from the end of that road with the large police station and temple.

SV 2 is further away, maybe better to get a taxi there the first time or go with some Thai friends when you settle in!

Fairtex is quite far out if you are living in the "centre" They also have a gym in Pattaya if you are down there for a beach weekend. And all the islands - Koh Samui - lamaimuaythaicamp.com/
Phuket, Koh Phna Ngan all have gyms too.

Have fun!


I like to train back home in Canada and would like to find a good gym in Bangkok.
I know your post was awhile ago but I'm wondering if you found what you were looking for.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.


I know some place Onesongchai gym if  you want ti learn contact me ...

I've been involved in both Muay Thai and professional boxing and I would recommend a couple of other places:

Sasiprapa Gym


Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong's gym near the SC Park Hotel.

Don't know the URL but it is across the street from the SC Park Hotel. He's a good instructor and fought and defeated many of the top fighters in the world before retiring. I sparred with him many years ago when he was teaching elsewhere. Now he has his own gym.

Jaroengthong Kiatbanchong's place near the SC Park Hotel. It's across the street from the hotel and any motorcycle driver in the area can take you there.