Field Hockey In Bangkok?


I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any field hockey clubs in Bangkok. Unsure if it's even played in Thailand?! Can anyone enlighten me?



Field hockey is been played here at international school level and some of these schools have fine hockey fields, I use to play it at school, college and university levels

Thanks. Is the hockey just confined to the schools or are there clubs that also play within Bangkok?

Nope , as far as I know.

Any idea in which school they practice ? We just moved to Bangkok and my kids would like to play as they did back home.

The teams here are mostly from universities or the Navy/Army/Air Force so that already makes it more difficult to play with them.but you can check out these clubs:
Bangkok Royal Sports Club:
The British club: … ockey.html


I have managed to find some hockey! It isn't the season yet and the season plays on grass. The training sessions aren't always on as it depends on players availabilty etc. It is at Satit Chula University. Playing practice matches with the students

I've played ice hockey a few times in Bangkok at the ice rink on the top floor of the Central Plaza (MRT Phra Ram 9). You can find more infos here: