VFS Istanbul D Visa Processing Timeline

Hi everyone,

On September 28, I and my wife submitted our documents to VFS Istanbul for a D visa (Single permit and Family reunification). However, there is still no progress in our case. I want to gather those who are waiting for a visa to be issued in September (or around) the same status as us, under this heading. Please share here the date you submitted the documents to VFS and please let us know if you get approval soon.

I also applied for a D Visa as a single person on October 11, but since then I am still pending.  I can't get any information about the process other than the reason "there is a density" from any authority.

@Gokhan A.

I have the same timeline and applications as yours. We have been waiting our visa since 28th of Semptember. It is more than 40 days! I really wonder the real reason.

I also applied with my family for a type d (Single permit + 2 Family reunion) on 26th October and the application is still being processed at the consulate.

The single permit + family reunion applications are supposed to take much less than the family reunion only applications (15-60 days vs 90-180 days) since the type d for single permit applications are supposed to be delivered as soon as possible since all the paperwork was already checked at the Belgian side.

There is someone that received the type d just 17 days after their application (Single Permit / Family Reunion).

They applied at 15th of Aug and received the permit at 2nd September 2022

We have a group for this. You can join us if you want.

Excellent. I have dm'd my number to @serdary4

Great! Let's keep this topic as active as possible, it is very important that we reach people who are in this situation. There is a big delay and it could turn into a crisis.

I also applied on 26 September and still no news, all they say is you have to wait.As mentioned above, we are already approved individuals from the Belgian Kingdom with all the papers checked, approved.Just because of the Consulate of Istanbul we are losing our freedom to travel, work and facing to lose all our efforts to achieve.

There are people waited for 3 months, still no news, even a staying permit takes two months, how can a Visa can take more than that ?

I think we are facing a political ol bureaucratic crisis, this is totally Insane.

We couldn't find anyone who was approved on or after 12 September. There was probably a problem at that time.

I haven't even receive my WP and RP but this topic makes me scared a little... I hope this crisis will be solved as soon as possible.

Unexpected extension of the visa process affect all of us. Most of us left our jobs, evacuated home etc. Everything depens on the obtaining visa. I hope we get the our visa soon.

According to the information we learned today, the consul in Istanbul has just started his duty, and there may be slowness in September and after for this reason.

Did you get a visa? What is your application date? When did you receive it? It would be helpful if I could learn.


Unfortunately, applications in september have not obtained visa yet.

could you update this post if you got visa guys? it would help if you also add vfs global application day.

Unfortunately, there is no update for applications after mid of September. This is an extremely slower process than usual and we can not understand the reason.

Has anyone contacted with the embasy? I did today. I was told that the slow process is due to the high number of students who applied for visa this year. Are not students supposed to start their education in september, which means that their visa processing should be completed until then? Also, they did not mention the change of consul as a reason. I do not understand what has been changed to increase the visa processing time from 2 weeks to 2 months. After 4 months of single permit process, will we have to wait additional 2 months? How frustrating..

@2ticketstoGhent maybe for spring term but I'm not sure... Thanks for the information.

Good evening y'all, pls I can't check my status on dofi. It keeps showing error and custom setting with so encrypted data. I would like to know if it's from my server or if it's also the same on others

  Thank you

@Ade mary

This topic is related to visa process in Istanbul Consulate of people who applied for single permit and family reunification visa.

However, I may say that the status of visa on dofi is loaded too late so don't care it.

Hi all,

I applied on 3rd October for visa and still waiting. I still see it's "under process" which hasn't changed for the last 56 days.

Anyone recently granted the visa? I suspect that the consulate has paused visa applications altogether.

FYI, I applied for a visa along with the work & residency permits. All they're supposed to do is to verify the documents I shared.

Are there any progress or news guys? Are you still waiting?


Unfortunately, we have been waiting for more than two months our visas.

Any updates for your files? I read in another tread that it returned to normal as approximately 2 weeks average delivery.

I applied visa type C to get married in Belgium and It's been more than 3 months for me. I took slower because they Handling the visa for Ukrainian refugee

I applied for type C visa for marriage as well last September 23. My intended date of departure should've been this coming 12 December. But until now no progress. From Philippines here

The firm applied as a truck driver. We have not experienced any development regarding the visa since July. Is the only permit document for the blue card, do we have the information that we are waiting for the same process. It is very difficult to find someone from Turkey who is competent in this process.

Hello, My work permit has just been issued, I am still waiting for the residence permit. I'm a little worried about the visa process, when would you suggest I make a vfs appointment for an estimated time? I will be glad if you share how you did it. Also, has anyone made the visa application through a consultancy company, what kind of benefit is it, if you know a reliable company, can you recommend it?


Merhaba, vize başvurusunu danışmanlık şirketi aracılığıyla yapan oldu mu, ne tür bir faydası var, güvenilir bir şirket biliyorsanız önerir misiniz?

@Esra SUCU You can book an appointment from VFSGlobal which officially runs visa procedure for Belgium Embassy in Turkey.

It's hard to find a slot from VFS Global Offices, if you check today, you can find available slot for 3rd and 4th week of February/2023.

Your Annex46 will be approved until end of February.

@ozturkomercan hello my work permit was approved in 6th of december. When do you think i will receive annex 46? And when do you think i should book a slot from Vfs Turkey?

@ozturkomercan I could not be sure if the single permit did not come out on the date I made an appointment.

@Ceren Yuce It depends on the Region which you've applied. Mine has been submitted on 14/11/2022 and haven't receive Annex 46 yet.

@Esra SUCU You can book and manage your appointment later if necessary.

Hello Everyone,

Could you please let us know if you have received your visas? @serdary4 ,@Gokhan A. @gulceakt

@MidnightRogue Hello, my fiancée applied around the same time for a visa c for marriage. Have you gotten any news yet?

Thank you.

@MidnightRogue Hello, I'm in a similar situation (same application date and no news yet) with my Visa c for marriage application. Have you had any progress?

@VisaCMarriage sadly no progess for me

@MidnightRogue Another forum member who applied 30 august waited 3.5 months. Let's hope for news within the month or so. Don't forget it's currently a holiday period as well, which will negatively impact the processing time. Wish you the best. On a sidenote, could you update me when you have received news? I will do the same for you. Cheers.

@MidnightRogue I received news from the immigration office that they are currently treating the files from mid september and that i should receive a decision soon. I don't know for sure if the same department treats all files but it seems likely. This would mean good news for you too.

@VisaCMarriage thank you for this ...i have my fingers crossed 🤞 that we will receive good news already🙏🏻