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As a Public Health Professional, I have extensive experience in program development and evaluation, focusing on analyzing program outcomes, coordinating educational initiatives, and managing digital assets. I lead the drafting of publications to assess the effectiveness of health programs like THRIVE, particularly Tennessee's immunization policy. My role involves developing and refining educational materials, collaborating with subject-matter experts, and overseeing digital resources. I coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to implement programs, organize meetings, and track project progress. Additionally, I plan social media campaigns to promote health education and engage with the community to address their needs. My work ensures accurate data tracking and reporting, contributing to the success and improvement of community health initiatives.

These skills and experiences are highly transferable and valuable on an international level. The ability to analyze program outcomes and develop effective educational materials can help address global health challenges. Coordinating with diverse stakeholders and managing digital resources are essential for implementing health programs in various cultural and geographic contexts. Promoting health education through social media and community engagement is crucial for raising awareness and improving health outcomes worldwide. My commitment to enhancing public health through comprehensive program analysis, educational outreach, and collaborative efforts can significantly contribute to international health initiatives, improving the well-being of communities globally.


-Program Development and Evaluation: Expertise in designing, implementing, and assessing health programs to determine their effectiveness and impact.

-Data Analysis: Proficiency in analyzing data to draw actionable insights and inform program improvements.

-Curriculum Development: Ability to create and refine educational materials, such as lesson guides and presentations, to support health education initiatives.

-Digital Asset Management: Skilled in managing and updating digital resources to ensure accurate and timely information dissemination.

-Stakeholder Coordination: Experience in collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate program development and implementation.

-Project Management: Strong organizational skills to plan, coordinate, and track project progress and ensure timely execution of tasks.

-Community Engagement: Effective communication and outreach skills to engage with community members and address their health needs.

-Social Media Campaigns: Ability to plan and execute social media campaigns to promote health education and community programs.

-Reporting and Compliance: Competence in tracking program delivery, managing participant data, and ensuring accurate reporting to databases.

-Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills to interact with diverse audiences and present information clearly.


Masters of Public Health

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Spanish (Advanced)

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