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About Honduras

Eighty percent of the country's land is mountainous, which means there's no good soil for cultivation. Until very recently the population of the region was mainly relying on mining and livestock for their income. Nowadays, agriculture employs a great part of the population, with fruits and coffee being the main export of Honduras.

Surrounded by mountains, Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras, and one of the oldest and largest cities in Central America. With a population of about one million people, Tegucigalpa is particularly renown for its Spanish colonial architecture. Due to the high inequalities in wealth and the political instability, one should be careful when roaming about, as reports state high levels of crime and violence.

Honduras has many islands (e.g. Islas de la Bahía) and islets (e.g. Isla Barbareta, Isla Santa Elena, etc.) which make up one of the country's 18 departments.

The summer in Honduras is warm with temperatures at about 26°C, and the winter is cooler with temperatures at about 21°C. But the climate differs from one region to another; the lowlands have a subtropical climate whereas the mountainous areas have a temperate climate.

Quick Information

Official Languages : Spanish; Castilian
Currency : Lempira
Area : 112090 Km2
Population : 7989415
Calling Code : +504
Timezone : America/Tegucigalpa

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