Cost of living in Honduras

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It would be very useful to talk about the cost of living in Honduras.

Don't forget to mention where in Honduras you are living.

How much does it cost to live in Honduras?

> accommodation prices

> public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ...)

> food prices(per month, how much does it cost you?)

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)

> eduction prices (if you need to pay)

> energy prices (oil, electricity)

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)

> prices of a good menu in a traditional restaurant

> prices of a beer and or a coffee in a regular pub

> price of the cinema

Do not hesitate to add items to this list!

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I have no idea what's going on. Can anyone out there tell me if there is a Honduran health insurance available ,who it is, and contact info ?  What do you do for health insurance coverage.  Appreciate it. Dave

Hi Dave, I suggest you to contact our expat health insurance partners, mentionning "".

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With a strong dollar re the pound the cost of living has gone up 50% from where it was 9 months ago. As long as the dollar remains stable against the  Lempira local prices will also keep going up for imported goods. The IMF recommend devaluing the lempira as part of a bail out package but predictably Mel refuses.

Ok I live in a village 40 mins drive from San Pedro Sula depending on traffic and the cost of living here is amazingly low, so $1 is about 19 lempiras
To build a basic house, 2 beds, kitchen, shower, lounge is about $15,000
To rent an appartment, about $80 a month
Food for 2 people a month, 4000 lemps
Cable TV, 170 lemps a month
Water 50 lemps a month
Electricity 300 lemps a month
Bus to San Pedro, 16 lemps (less than a dollor!)
Internet is expensive because it's new, 530 lemps a month

So for me being English this is so cheap, in total per month in GB pounds just for me alone because I have no rent to pay I spend about £250

250 quid a month is more than the average Honduras person can afford, and indeed its a lot for a poor English person as well, nice to see another UK ex-pat in this troubled country though

hey everybody, i am a american looking to purchase a home in Honduras as a vacation home/retiring home.  what do you guys think?

thats good to know the dollar is still strong there....

it doesnt buy much in america   :(


I live on the Island of Roatan, Honduras, have since 2007. The cost of living has fluctuated up and down in the past three years (connected to the economic issues around the world, in particular the US.) In my opinion it is still far less expensive to live here than what it costs where I'm from, Ontario, Canada.

> accommodation prices
Rentals range from $400 (simple cabana, not on beach) to $3000+ (beach front villa) per month. Purchasing $135,000 - $1,000,000+

> public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ...)
Taxis a few dollars will get you just about anywhere during the day, at night at least double, maybe more depending on where from and to and how late it is. Note: on cruise ship days, very expensive (if you can get one to stop for you.) Very simple bus service (minivan) a dollar or two. Covers most areas of the developed Island. Water taxi between West End and West Bay Beach, $5 (I think)

> food prices(per month, how much does it cost you?)
For two adults and one dog, about $250 per month, significantly cheaper than Canada, not as much processed and pre-packaged foods.

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)
Story I posted after I was involved in a major car crash on Roatan. Compassion Heals Better than Medicine
As for insurance I know of some who have Honduras Health Ins. And there is also medi-vac insurance now available.

> eduction prices (if you need to pay)
Not applicable for me. But I know lots of people who have the children in school here. All use private schools or home school.
> energy prices (oil, electricity)
Vehicle - $50 per month (can't go very far) Home electric $80 -$120 (no air-conditioning)

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)

Internet $40 per month, TV cable $25 per month, no land-line phone, mobile phone calling cards, real cheap to call Canada $0.18 per minute, $0.35 per minute local call.

> prices of a good menu in a traditional restaurant
$7 - $15 will get you a nice fish dinner, up to a lobster tail dinner.

> prices of a beer and or a coffee in a regular pub


> price of the cinema
N/A we don't have one.

The economy is on the upswing, the political tension of last year is over (it was never as bad as implied on CNN) There are now two cruise ship docks (sometimes 5 ships a day), and the world class golf course is almost done. If you are interested in Roatan, now is the time to invest, or come visit, prices will start climbing again.

@Roatanvortex: Thank you very much for this post. It was very informative and I appreciated it. I noticed that it is almost 2 years old now though and wondered if you (or anyone else out there) still feel these numbers are accurate or if any have fluctuated?
Thanks very much

nymorningstar :

@Roatanvortex: Thank you very much for this post. It was very informative and I appreciated it. I noticed that it is almost 2 years old now though and wondered if you (or anyone else out there) still feel these numbers are accurate or if any have fluctuated?
Thanks very much

The cost of living over the past couple years has gone up as everywhere else.

I still believe you can live on less than $1,000.00 USD per month easy here in La Ceiba.

Cost per square foot to build a beach home is still $45.00 USD.

Gas/diesel is way up though ($4.10 USD+/-)

There's someone I know that lives on $500.00 that still goes out 3 times per week and has his beers.


Chris Barrett

Haha that guy made my day. He lives on $500 a month.

Im 28 and own a house that is paid off that earns 700 a month.

You can buy a pineapple at the Megaplaza fro lets say $1.98 USD or go to a stand and pay $1.02 USD. Go to The Garage and pay $2.80 for a rum (plus have to pay extra for mix) or go to Downtown grill and pay $1.95 USD.  Or hang at the local bar and pay $less.
One of my workers now owns his house has a family car, work truck and a motorcycle and I pay him $580.00 USD per month. He also has kids and lives a happy simple life

Looking forward to retiring early in Honduras. The country has so much growth ahead and offers so much. Now is a good time to plan for retirement in Honduras. Can't wait to go back in May.

Thank you for the info. if I may ask because my wife has Asthma and I assume the humidity is high there can you rent a condo etc. with A/C ?
Thanks again.

Humidity is similar to in Florida. You can rent a condo or bungalow with mini split a/c unit(s). They work well and keep the electric bill down considering you can adjust them per room and set them to turn on/off when you want

That is good to know we were in Tonsupa EC for 45 day's and the humidity was over 80% almost every day and some day's worse and not A/C so she had to use her Nubilizer two three times a day.
By the way on Roatan are the houses Fenced real high like La Cieba ?


There's fenced/walled properties in Roatan too.
Over where I'm at in La Ceiba on the beach we have no walls around our homes.
You can see this on YouTube and google photos

I just got back from 25 days in mainland Honduras. Fast food is just as expensive as it is in the United States-Seattle.  Clothes are about the same also. An expresso or soft drink is cheaper as are Honduran cookies.  Gas/Diesal is more expensive. All the products I saw in a large Costco like store are the same prices as I see at home.  The stuff I mentioned are not cheaper but the people make about 1/10 the wages we do up here. I am told by police that 75% of the economy in Tecuigalpa is drugs. I saw a lot of people buying products as if it was home in America.

Ok ... Here I go...
#1 there are VERY few foreigners that move to Tegus (capital). I would say "why" to anyone. Many many other places to move in Honduras that are safer, more local to expat living, life and more.
"Mainland" Honduras to the majority is the coastline. No comparison between the coast and a major 3rd world city. Fact.
Where did you visit in this country that you came up with this first thread here and tried to ad to any worthy discussion worth this ?!?
The ONLY thing I agree is that you may have visited Pizza Hut and paid the same (or 38 cents less per pizza).
#2  who wants to live on less than $600.00 per month ? You can here. Costs Rica and Belize say you can. BUT do you want to live like a local or live on a budget but live ?!?

So many haters or Obama style persons......

I have been all over Honduras on various trips. I am pointing out what I pointed out. The information I received about crime is from Honduran Goverment Attorneys and Police Sargents in my wifes family. It also coincides with all the soldiers on the roads I saw and met with belt fed machine guns. Thats not bad mouthing the country. I am just saying it wasnt all that cheap to eat, drive, or buy things from stores. BTW, we buy pizzas cheaper up here in Seattle area. I know Hondurans that live on $150-$400 per month.  They live very tough that way. In Danli a steak dinner out the door costs $25. I can eat at the price in USA. You can live in a cardboard box if your really cheap. But you might want running hot/cold water along with it 24/7. Yo Adrian.

Anyone have insight on Tela? Gracias!

Tela is a small town about 45 minutes from San Pedro Sula and 1 1/2 hours west of La Ceiba. There's a few good local places to eat, some night life and of course the beach. My favorite small hotel there is Hotel Sherwood. Tela is really rustic with old and new. There's a couple good resorts there. There are a lot of Garifina's there. Punta Sal just west of Tela is downright gorgeous with untouched beaches, lagoons and wildlife. The downtown parts of Tela are old and need updated. Cool place for a short trip.

Thanks so much for the info. I may be going down to teach in a month or so. Was in Peru for 6 months, so rustic is ok, although this is a much smaller town. Electricity, hot water (in the bath) and internet are my only real necessities.


would like to find out about the cost of living near la ceiba. the prices for groceries, electric, water etc. And about buying 1 or 2 scooters to get around.

Hello, cost of my living in honduras!  rent...$100. a month              ,elec. $35.00  I am not frugal  I no longer have a truck  that was stolen.  Be very caraeful with the banks.  All my money was stolen by bancrecer  quite awhile ago. Food is up to you.  You can eat quite reasonably if you eat locally.  If you want amer. products  it will cost!  I live in Trujillo in town so to speak.  I have been hhere since 1996 and have no plans to leave except Ecuador sounds better.  Marianne

We just moved out here permanently from Canada great properties for a great price you can get almost everything and sometimes a lot better things here the craftsmanship out here in there work is fabulous with what they have to work with they all work together and get the job done they go beyond there means to help you . I would not change the place I'm residing in now LA ceiba beach club I would recommend more to come visit and experience a better and more simple and relaxing way of life style WHen I walk off my front porch to the left is the view of the mountains and a fees steps to the right the ocean

How did it go with the lawyer?
At least you didn't have to go to the Embassy of Honduras in Ottawa!
I still would like to have some idea how much it cost to legalize the papers there.
When I called the Embassy they didn't even give me a choice!
They told me about all the documents I need and then they said they would call me to fly to Ottawa.
They also asked me to call them in order to know how much money I was supposed to send to them!
The thing is: I got the same information from a lawyer in Roatan that works with the developer from whom I am buying.
Then when I told the lawyer that I know people in La Ceiba (from the blogs) that only applied for residence there, she
mentioned that in that case we would have to leave the country.

Hey, i,m in Roatan at present and we have no cinemas. Have cable TV though. You can get a   decent beach house for 3 or 4 hundred a month with about 50 bucks for your  power.That,s a simple place though and there some very comfortable ones in Brick Bay and Sandy Bay Then you can go the 1500 a month or so for a luxury condo. . If you like to eat well, figure on another 500 a month. Figure propane and,a night out now and then and you,re looking at  gas for your vehicle,.1200 a month should do it unless you want a luxury condo. And if you dive and fish work in another 3 0r 4 hundred a month. It,s a myth that you can live comfortably on the island for 8oo US a month. Figure 1200....b..

Could you explain about the fishing and diving is that an extra cost or do you make money doing it?
Thanks just curious.

You can train as a professional diver here. Either a Dive master or instructor. One leads dives,the other teaches, It.s 3k for each and a few months of work. Or you can fun dive to the top level of..120 feet for about a grand and a couple weeks work. Your dives are then 30 bucks per dive.. Some of the best diving left in the carribbean    b

pps fishing is expensive unless you have a party to share a bat of your own, They think nothing of charging 3 or 4 hundred a day to gringos. Could get skunked easily, too...b

Happy New Year , I wish the best for everyone here.
I have some question about living in Honduras, I appreciate if some one who is living there, contact me




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You might get tired if rice and beans everyday on $500

You get more than just rice and beans for 500.00  a month you eat well on a budget of that price great quality of meats and vegetables to be purchase out there.

Sasha you are correct. Don't forget the fruits and very cheap rum. "Cheap rum" I mean for $7.00 for the smaller bottle of Flor de Cana rum you can't go wrong.

Great rum and great people they will go out of there way to help beautiful hand crafted furniture extraordanary craftsminship you can flora cana hear great smoothing rum the workers take great pride in there work. Our home in la ceiba beach club is for sale you can see the add on Vivium  Moving back re family illness

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