Opening a Bank Account in Honduras.

Hello! i am new to expat forum and i know this topic has been brought up before as well but nonetheless i will ask it again. i am a Canadian in Tegucigalpa and have been here for the past year. having to leave every three months back to canada because i do not have any visa status in the country. i have recently learned that in order to get any type of visa in the country i would need to open up a bank account. Are there any banks who you could recommend that would open a bank account for a non-resident Canadian here in Honduras. 

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Check in advance what current requirements are. 

Can have accounts both in US $ and Lempiras, online banking, and bank card.

Banpais but you need to deposit $17 us a month or it will go dormant. Not convenient if you live in USA as it cost $55 to wire the $15.

Must be limited to your bank.  The bank I bank with does not have that reqmt.  Have had 3 years and make a deposit probably longest period of 6 months.

Most banks will go dormant after one year of inactivity or even longer, your money will stay be there if you have at least 100 dollars in the account. My clients work a lot with Davivienda (formerly HSBC), I think is the friendliest with both, local and foreigner clients.

Are you sure ? because I asked them (and I also got the same answer from banco atlantida, credomatic, ficohsa) and they told me that you can't open a personal bank account if you don't have a residency card

100% sure, it depends on the bank, every bank has its own policy and they change from time to time.  Years ago Banco Lafise used to be the friendliest with foreigners, not any more, things changed a few years ago when a few managers were charged with laundry and they had to change policy.  Go with Banco Davivienda and you will be able to open an account in US dollars. It will take a lot of paperwork at the beginning, but, after you complete that, no problem at all.

Does Davavienda have a branch on Roatan? Thank You

Sure, all over Roatan. They used to be the HSBC branch here in Honduras.

Thank You!!

You welcome

All Honduran banks my clients have dealt with require at least a Honduran legal residency card to open a bank account.  If there is any bank somebody knows about that recently has accepted opening account for a foreigner without this minimmum requirement, it will be appreciated.

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