Driving from the United States

Have anyone ever drove from the United States to Honduras? Or does anyone have information regarding driving from America.

Don't do it. It's way too dangerous and not worth the risk.  United States tags on a vehicle is like a bullseye.

Have you ever done it?

Why do you say the things you say?

@larryjamesa Would love to hear about your trip. Did you drive to Honduras? I drove there in 2007 and getting ready to drive again in just a couple months, this time pulling a trailer. My friend drove there a couple months ago, we are moving to La Ceiba.

We drove from texas  to Mexico stayed a month in ajijic Mexico crossed at el ceibo had to go around a bunch of semi's at check point can't stress enough on copies (passports driver license)  if you need more info on copies let me know needed a vaccine card going into honduras . Going into Guatemala  with a trailer might pay the man in the blue shirt some money to speed things up met a guy there been there 4 days with trailer stuff from the states just giving him hard time and driving at night is awful because of you can't see people ,speed bumps, potholes .never felt unsafe on the trip!!