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My wife and I are were wondering how do expats get a monthly retirement pension check from the US, what are the options?

My wife and I are moving to Honduras around August and I had the same exact question.

What I plan to do is use Ficohsa Bank in Honduras. They also have a branch bank in Miami. We are going to set up my pension checks to go the the Miami Ficohsa branch bank and it will then be available in our account in Honduras.

Hope this helps.


Banking in Honduras is a bit different than the US. More paperwork, and the limits put on the system because of a money laundering problem.

Example of just a few issues. Checks take 21 days to clear. Depending upon the bank you will only be able to change ~ $500 cash a day to lempiras.  ATMs are everywhere but you can only take out about $200 twice a day.

I would keep a US account. Make sure you can get text messages in Honduras. There are some issues with the US - Hon accounts not being able to understand the difference in phone numbers, and not being able to contact outside of each country. Checking accounts pay interest but also charge a fee for every month there is no Activity.

Paypal is great. You can get a Honduran Paypal account.

Whenever you need to verify who you are the default is text. See if you can make the default on all your accounts via email for convenience.

Bottom line, most expats I know have major issues  with the banks and tend to cancel there savings and only use checking.


Hi Steve. Thanks for the reply and information. Yea, There's a lot I don't know about the money dealings in Honduras but I do know it can be a pain at times.
Fortunately my wife is from there, helps a lot but doesn't mitigate all the issues.

I appreciate the tip for PayPal, that can come in handy for sure.

Thanks for the info


Please let me know how the Ficohsa Bank from Miami to Honduras is working for you.

I am still in the US and on several occasions have tried to call and email the bank office in Miami with no luck at all .  Do you have a contact person or a contact number to get some questions answered?

Hello Karl,

I use bank lafise. com

They always answer immediately the few times I have called.

They have a call center in Miami. They service most countries in central America. There are a few other banks. Everyone has a favorite, and one they used to use. I have not changed in 10 years.

Things are the same and a little different. Almost every issue an American has is the result of not understanding or being prepared.

Some use Paypal. You can also use your bank account in the US and a debit card. Only withdraw about 500 a day limit.

Use lafise for payment of electric bill and that will keep it open.

Keep a US bank account with debit and credit card.

Can't include phone number so if you want to chat find me. Steve Hartman in Sunbury Ohio 43074.

Hi Karl.

They all work just like the US only different.

Find an attorney, Mariella Rodrigues, is in La Ceiba. For a few dollars she will set it up and explain. Do not try to do it yourself.


She has an yaho account.

She speaks English. Her husband is the number 1 gringo insurance agent in the area. Keep his number in your phone just in case. He speaks excellent English.


Thx again

I there a Chase Bank Branch in Honduras


Could you offer any suggestions Chris from Honduras

Another option is to use a US debit card

How do you avoid bank fees and currency exchange rates?

From a personal experience the bank Davienda will let you open an account in dollars and lempiras without being a resident and can arrange deposits from USA. The debit card works well to withdraw lempiras at ATMs but must advise your USA bank to flag you for Honduras. Usually USA banks will let your debit card work here for 90 days but will grant unlimited time since they will extend your card based on a call

Does Davienda also do direct deposit for Social Security pension payments?


Good to know. I have a friend in Tela who's going to the Davivienda branch there to confirm it with the bank manager just to make sure. Thanks 👍

Someone from Canada on this forum , i just retreated and i want to move in Honduras , so olease get me in touch plz

Hi Richard. I'm not Canadian, but from US.
I live just outside of La Ceiba, Atlàntida, HN and Love it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Banking on Honduras is a bit more complex. I simply kept my US bank and signed up for a Wise Money account and card as well as Revolut. Both work here and without exchange fees. I simply transfer what I need to these cards and use them anywhere I go. They also both accept ACH inbound so direct deposits work well too.