Coming for a 2 week vacation should I bring money exchanged to Lempiras, US, or Canadian currency?
Any advice will be much appreciated.
Are ATM's easily accessible?

also TAMS, but make sure you use the ones FORM BAC credomatics, this are the only ones that works with other cards, and make sure you ask your bank permision to use it out of the country

You need to contact your bank before leaving stating you will be in Honduras. If not, your bank may put a hold on your cc.
You can exchange USD's here. Canadian currency can't be exchanged. I had Canadian clients come here a few years ago. They brought only Canadian $'s that could not be exchanged. They were a happy couple that were very wealthy. We joke about it these days now as Jon said back then "I'm wortheless"

Bring US Dollars and an authorized credit/debit card you can use, also have Fraud protection enabled on your cards.

I would advise you exchange US dollars at the airport "LAFISE" or "FICOHSA" bank once you arrive (if it's not a redeye flight) they will give you the official rate.

Also depending where you are travelling you can just pay with US bills, also as a tip bring $20, $50 bills, although $100 bills are exchanged at banks they are difficult to exchange at restaurants or shops

Have fun

Are there any banks in the US were a pension could be deposited and withdraw in Honduras using a debit card?

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