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As one of Japan's largest cities it is no surprise that Osaka has an equally large job market. Located in the Kansai region on the Honshu Island the city has many international/multinational companies, particularly in the education/ humanities fields but also in tourism, shipping and trade, retail and more. There are numerous job opportunities for expats in Osaka.

Osaka's economy

Osaka's economy is booming and the city is one of the most productive cities in the world. Industries such as electronics, trade, manufacturing and tourism all contribute to the city's economy. There are many international companies that contribute allongside smaller businesses, including Panasonic, Nova, Sharp, as well as many national companies like Osaka Gas, Daikin and Roland! Osaka is also one of the cities in Japan with a substantially large amount of businesses and employed population, including many foreigners.

Job-market in Osaka

As Osaka is a large tourist city, there are lots of jobs available within the tourist industry. Many businesses within this industry require English/ other foreign language servicesl as well as foreign cultural knowledge in order to cater to foreign visitors. These businesses are often looking to hire foreigners with language skills.

Along with the tourism industry come the entertainment and food industries, both of which are also big in Osaka, and there are also many job opportunities for expatriates in these sectors too. Many bars (there are a lot of foreign bars), restaurants, clubs, entertainment establishments and even the famous amusement park USJ tend to hire foreign nationals. In some cases, however, a certain level of Japanese is also required.

Across Japan, English (amongst other foreign languages) is becoming even more important as a subject to study and thus there are many openings for English teachers. Some types of English teaching jobs that are available in Osaka are working as an ALT (Assistant Language teacher, working in elementary/junior high/high schools), in an Eikaiwa (English language schools), International kindergartens, Universities or as a private tutor.

Job-hunting in Osaka

Looking for a job in Osaka is not so difficult and there are many online sources for job availabilities. Job listings can also be found in the classifieds sections of newspapers and on individual company websites. For most job applications in Japan a full resume/CV (sometimes including a photo) plus cover letter are needed, with others requiring copies of certain documents too.

If you find it difficult to find a job on your own then there are also some recruitment agencies in Osaka that are useful in helping foreigners finding work within the city!

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