Looking for a job in School and teach privately in Osaka!

Konnichi wa / hello

I'm in Japan, been in Osaka for a week and switching from tourist to teacher mode. Got here after finishing a 6-month teaching stint in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I want to get a job with a school but can teach individuals privately. If you've any questions about Osaka or Japan I'll answer as best I can but don't expect too much as its my first time here so I'm a newbie myself.

Hope to hear from fellow expats and future expats. Let me know if you're in town and perhaps we can meet up and share stories.


Hello Phil

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Concerning your job hunt, you may drop an advert in our  :

1.  Teaching jobs in Osaka section of the site.
2.  Osaka classes classifieds

Wish you luck

Expat.com Team

phil i am in Osaka ..can you help me find a job :)

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