Working in Osaka

The economy of Osaka 

The economy of Osaka is driven by sectors such as electronics, trade, manufacturing and tourism. International companies also contribute to the sound economic health: Panasonic, Nova and Sharp to name just a few. The city can also count on a network of national companies: Osaka Gas, Daikin, and Roland. 

The job market in Osaka

As with any tourist city, Osaka offers lots of jobs in the tourism sector. Speaking English is no longer optional, but an indispensable prerequisite for working, not only in the tourism sector but many others. 

In addition to tourism, leisure and commerce are dynamic sectors for locals and expats alike. Bars (Osaka has many international options), restaurants, clubs, entertainment facilities and even the famous amusement park USJ tend to hire foreign nationals. In some cases, however, a certain level of Japanese is also required.

As in other Japanese cities, the English boom hit Osaka: language institutes flourished, and with them, job offers, including language teachers and ALTs (assistant language teachers). The entire education sector was boosted by this passion for languages. While English is by far the most popular foreign language, French is also enjoyed, especially as the Japanese have such an interest in French culture.

Looking for a job in Osaka

Looking for a job in Osaka? Numerous websites regularly advertise job offers, mainly classified by a required level of Japanese, and specific qualifications. Regarding odd jobs, in addition to websites, look out for classified advertisements in newspapers - some of which are free (Townwork, etc.) at the exit of stations and around the konbini. There is a big advantage to these newspapers - they tend to focus on job offers available in the area. For example, a free newspaper taken at Umeda station (north of Osaka) will feature, as a priority, job offers close to Umeda.

Don’t neglect public job-search organisations such as Hello Work (its real name is "Employment service for foreigners") which can offer a lot of help and support, including the development of your CV and the targeting of your specialism and skills.

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