help me find a job, im interested to work here

Greetings to all! I'm Li-ann from philippines. Currently im here in Osaka, izumiotsu specifically. I only tourst visa for 3 months. Does anyone can help me find a job, im interested to work here. Godbless

Hi Li-ann,

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As you are on a tourist visa, you might be not allowed to get involve in any paid activities.

Can you please give us some more information about the kind of job you are looking for, this might help us to guide you through the steps to undergo.



On a tourist visa,  forget it.
You *need* to organize a different visa BEFORE entry to Japan.

as you are on a tourist visa,   you will need to exit,
  apply for an alternate visa and re-enter without exception.

I'm from New Zealand and have had several visa types and there is no options for work on a tourist visa legally.

To add to what Belxjander  said, without a working visa your best bet would be finding a company which will sponsor you. But that would still require you to leave Japan and submit the visa application at a Japanese embassy.

Hi Im Jacquiline Pepe and I want to find a job in Osaka.  Im a layout/graphic artist 31 years old.. Im a layout/graphic artist for 6 years to present.. I love anime and all about arts. Thank you!

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