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Tips for writing a CV as an expat
Tips for writing a CV as an expat
Looking for a job in a foreign country is not always an easy task. It requires a good set of knowledge, an understanding of the labour market in the country you are applying to and readiness to make your qualities shine brighter than the other candidates. The rules depend mainly on the industry you apply to, but also on the specific requirements of the country. 
Renegotiating your salary with your Mauritian employer
Renegotiating your salary with your ...
Have you recently accepted a job in Mauritius but are worried that with the spike in the cost of living the salary might not be suitable anymore? If you want to try to renegotiate your salary, here are a few tips.
Marlene Cronje: An expat entrepreneur passionate about empowering small businesses
Marlene Cronje: An expat entrepreneur ...
Marlene Cronje is a South African expat with more than 8 years of experience in the creative industry. In 2016, she relocated to Mauritius for a change of pace and some exciting business opportunities. She tells us about her life on the island.
Key points to consider when looking for a job in Mauritius
Key points to consider when looking for a ...
Finding a job in Mauritius is not that easy as it seems to be. And as in any country, there are things you should look out for! So if you're planning to relocate to Mauritius for work amid or after the crisis, here are key points to consider.
International Women's Day 2021: Her Excellency Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy talks about women in the diplomatic world
International Women's Day 2021: Her ...
Her Excellency Dr Kate O'Shaughnessy is the fifth consecutive female Australian High Commissioner to Mauritius and Seychelles and Ambassador to Madagascar and Comoros. On the occasion of International Women's Day 2021, we asked her thoughts about women in the diplomatic world and in decision-making.
A local touch to his business idea: Clément's story
A local touch to his business idea: ...
One of the world's best destinations for living abroad, Mauritius is considered a haven for entrepreneurs, regardless of their origins. A French entrepreneur living on the island, Clément recently developed a mobile dating application with his dedicated team. He talks about his experience and project to
How a holiday in Mauritius turned into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
How a holiday in Mauritius turned into a ...
Before completing her Master's in Non Profit Administration in San Francisco, Kelly was working in both the corporate and government sectors of Singapore, her home country. Two years ago, what was supposed to be a short-term visit to her husband's mother land, Mauritius, opened their eyes to the flaws of the local food system. Ever since, they have focused on developing a sustainable farming model in Mauritius with international applicability. Kelly speaks to about the unexpected change in the course of her life and how she feels about Mauritius, her new home.
Finding family happiness in Mauritius
Finding family happiness in Mauritius
Anne, a German expat, moved to Mauritius in 2016 with her Mauritian husband and their little boy. Anne and her family felt that Mauritius is the ideal place to raise a happy child, who can play outdoors, get energy from the dazzling tropical sun, and learn to exist among different cultures. And they were right! Mauritius is their paradise in which dreams come true.
Benefits of moving to Mauritius to work, invest or retire
Benefits of moving to Mauritius to work ...
Mauritius seems more than ever determined to attract talents from around the world. If you're looking to work, invest, or retire abroad, why not make this paradisal island in the middle of the Indian Ocean your new home? The Mauritian government recently introduced – via its new Budget 2017-2018 – a series of financial and tax incentives as well as new criteria for the issue of resident permits. Let's explore in more detail.
Fred Swaniker: The Ghanaian expat who reimagined university
Fred Swaniker: The Ghanaian expat who ...
Fred Swaniker is the man behind the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg and ALU in Mauritius and Rwanda. Fred Swaniker speaks to about the link between expatriation and entrepreneurship. He also talks about Africa's future leaders and the power of a diverse education, which engages, brings the students in the core of real life situations, and boosts entrepreneurial thinking.
Looking for reasons to expatriate in Mauritius? Kitesurfing is a good one
Looking for reasons to expatriate in ...
Considered as one of the pearls of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius attracts entrepreneurs, retirees, and workers from all around the world. But the country attracts also many water sports enthusiasts. Among them, Ravi, a French expatriate, who took his love for kitesurfing to the next level, and has become an entrepreneur.