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Published 2017-05-02 09:29

More and more young people are looking overseas for their next new adventure, be it the next step in their education or in order to further their career. Though long stints of travelling have been popular for a while, young adults are increasinly looking to make a long-term move abroad. This breed of young expat is often a keen traveller (often using their new home as a base for visiting the region) with a desire to discover the nuances of their new culture. Here are our top five blogs from young expats.

Nisha Sawon

Editorial staff

Erin Elsewhere

©Erin Elsewhere

If you're young and looking for employment abroad, a popular choice is to teach English through one of the accredited international programs. Erin has been teaching in Strasbourg since 2016, and she documents her experience as an American in France in her blog, 'Erin Elsewhere'. She combines her experiences around Europe with her love of languages and her experience as a teaching assistant to give any wannabe expat an insight into making the most of living abroad.



Having visited almost 30 countries together, Liza and Pepe offer travellers first hand advice on seeing the world via their blog 'Tripsget'. They have recently settled down in Edinburgh, Scotland and have begun documenting their expat experience in the country. The married couple also feature a 'weekend trips' section on their blog, which is perfect if you are an expat in Europe looking for a quick getaway over a long weekend. So, if you're searching for a complete guide on life abroad, this is the blog for you.

The Hangover Experience

©The Hangover Experience

'The Hangover Experience' has little to do with the ill effects of drinking and much more to do with the positive effects of extensive travelling. Mattia is originally from Italy and went on to study at a university in London. After his studies, he decided to explore the world to its fullest, and now finds himself based in Hanoi, Vietnam, from which he continues to explore the region. If you're living in South-east Asia and looking for tips on the must-see sights and best activities, Mattia's blog is sure to give you an insight.

Endless Distances

©Endless Distances

A love of life, yoga and travel led Sarah to England, from which she explores the different corners of the UK, and beyond. A yoga teacher and keen writer, Sarah moved to the UK to pursue her post-graduate education. In addition to writing about life as an American in Britain, her blog 'Endless Distances' is a go-to for young travellers. She also has a unique take on the foodie blog, with some great tips on where and what to eat if you're a gluten-free traveller.



Originally from Vietnam, Ha is studying in Copenhagen, Dennmark. Her blog 'Expatolife' covers life in Denmark, as well as other destinations from her travels. She has posts on everything from food to her experience dealing with Danish deposit scams. Ha gives future travellers or expats to Vietnam tips about life in her home country, as well as offering her perspective as an expat on Denmark. She also blogs about her travels to other countries, such as Poland and Australia.