What are we doing for Music day this year?

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Published 2020-06-19 13:00

June 21, summer solstice, live music that resonates on the streets, outdoor concerts and people dancing like nobody's watching. Everyone is invited to attend! Since 1982 the Music Festival has always been celebrated like this in several countries around the world, with friends, family, strangers and at the rhythm of notes and light-heartedness. But this year the restrictions on social gatherings make things a little different and the celebrations will mainly take place online. Here is an overview of how we can get organized this year.

The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere of the world is June 21, a date which also marks the beginning of summer. For almost forty years, tradition has dictated that the Music Festival be celebrated on this special day, a moment of sharing between different people and cultures united by the universal language of music.

No open concerts this year for France although a live music event from the AccorHotels Arena in Paris will be broadcasted live on television on June 19th. About forty artists without an audience will perform. In the following days, other evenings dedicated to music will also be broadcasted.

To all lovers of electric guitar, bass and drums: do not miss the live broadcast of Louis Bertignac on Facebook on June 21st which starts a rock marathon at 4 pm.

At the foot of the Pyrenees, in Tarbes, you can attend a drive-in concert in the parking lot of an exhibition centre. Safe atmosphere!

A small note for firework lovers, on June 20 evening from 10.45 pm the night sky lights up with colours to celebrate the arrival of summer. You can watch this wonderful show directly from your balconies, gardens or live on the Lyon Lumière Facebook page.

The Alliance Francaise of 22 Latin American countries will spread truly original musical productions by local and French artists through its social networks.

This year Italy’s slogan for this special day is: Music closer to you! To avoid gatherings, small live concerts will be organized in the gardens, in the squares, under the balconies and in the courtyards of flats. People will be able to listen to live music from their home terrace.

How about a jump to Mexico? The guys from the Habitacìon 6 / HN6 group are waiting for you for a live broadcast on their YouTube and Facebook channels to celebrate the Fiesta de la Musica together to the rhythm of their electric guitars. Starting at 5 pm.

At the moment all festivals in the UK are cancelled therefore no concerts or events this year. But don't worry because Make Music Day is celebrated online this Sunday 21 June and there are many ways to get involved!

Whether you are experienced musicians, professional singers or beginners eager to try, Make Music Day is open to everyone. This year, participants can stream their performances by sharing them with the online community. You can sing songs, create a band with your family or combine your voices in a chorus of friends, the choice is yours.

The initiative of the students of the Ayresome Primary School elementary school is absolutely heart-warming. For four years, they have been organizing, followed by teachers, a musical marathon to raise funds for their music lessons. This year they are organizing with remote tests from home, coordinated by the teaching staff, so as not to give up sharing the pieces they have studied! Follow them this Sunday, from 9 to 21, on the FB page of Ayresome Primary School Music.

Safety, solidarity and a sense of responsibility: Berlin is preparing for the celebrations by inviting all the artists, musicians and amateurs to the Fête de la Haus-Musique, staying at home: making family music on the balcony or a real concert to be shared online. (Haus in German means home).

The tradition of the European Singalong which started two years ago with great success will be maintained. At a specific time, the Ode to Joy will be sung throughout Europe along with other songs. Find this year's repertoire here.

If you feel inspired, do not hesitate to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and let everyone know what your plans are for next June 21st.

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... and to conclude, a quote from the legendary Ozzy Osbourne: "If the music is too loud, you are too old". So have fun, play, sing at the top of your lungs, and let go of the stress accumulated in the last few months!