Holiday Blues: Travelling on Christmas or New Years Day

Published 2019-12-18 14:30

One of the worst times of the year to buy tickets for a flight is around Christmas. Ticket prices usually hike up to three times as much as its regular rate. This is because there is usually a mad rush for travelers around the world to get home in time for the festive season. While some expats have no problem shelling out that much for tickets just to go home, some ride out the Christmas rush and wait until the peak passes instead. This means traveling on Christmas or New Year’s day itself.

Here is our guide to dealing with holiday blues if you are one of those travelers who are flying home on the day itself:

  1. Load your handheld device’s music library with Christmas songs. To get into the Christmas spirit, make a playlist of nostalgic Christmas songs to get you through flying on Christmas or New Year’s Day itself. Make them feel-good while you’re at it so that you can have your own celebration while you are up on the air. 
  2. Load your tablet or laptop with Christmas movies. Most airlines have updated movies on the screens but in case they don’t, make sure to bring your own holiday movies to beat the blues.
  3. Bring books/s or load a reading tablet with Christmas books or novels. If you are not much a movie person or feel restless up in the air, grab a book that has a Christmas theme setting and read that while flying to your destination.
  4. Pack up some Christmas snacks like candy canes, mince pies or other holiday favorites that make you feel like it really is Christmas. This will make your little celebration more meaningful. 
  5. Ask for hot chocolate and celebrate on air as you welcome Christmas or the New Year’s. 
  6. Celebrate with your seatmates! Greet them a happy Christmas, strike a conversation and share memories of joyous holiday with them. If it’s New Year’s, you all might even greet each other when the clock strikes midnight. Toast and be merry while you endure the flight home. 
  7. Bring a slice of fruitcake or some delicious Christmas dessert. You can always pack your own Christmas treat for yourself or to share. Toast with a glass of wine or glass of beer to spread the cheer.
  8. Dress in an ugly Christmas sweater to be in a festive mood and greet your loved ones with it too as you come home to them.
  9. Prepare small trinkets to give away as little gifts to your seatmate while on your holiday flight.
  10. Buy a pack of candy canes and give them away on your Christmas Day flight and cheer up the other passengers on the same flight as you are. 

Beat your holiday blues and think of resourceful ways to bring Christmas with you as you make your way home. If all fails, just listen to Christmas music on your flight to celebrate the holidays on air. You will be home with your loved ones in no time.