Sending gifts home for Christmas

Published on 2019-12-13 at 12:05 by Gail Monique Mallo
Christmas is a season where expats feel the blues the most. The nostalgia of spending the season surrounded by family and friends, reliving traditions passed on from one generation to another, gift giving and the sumptuous food on the table are all enough for one to go mad when away from home. Unfortunately, sometimes expats have to stay in their host countries over the holidays. But who says this means you cannot offer presents to your loved ones?

If you find yourself unable to go home to spend Christmas with family and friends, there are a lot of ways to let them know you are thinking about them during the holidays. Here are our top tips to send gifts for your loved ones back home.

Send mail the old fashioned way

A lot of expats still send Christmas cards through mail. It is not only cost effective but also easiest to do and most thoughtful too. In this day and age when everyone has gone online and electronic, it is a lovely feeling to receive mail via post. You can add in a photo or a gift certificate to an online store (Amazon!) for loved ones so that they can choose their gift. Even just a card will mean a lot to them. 

Pick a gift that is locally made and send via courier 

In this day and age there are a lot of courier services to choose from. Pick a small memento or gift that is locally made and send via parcel to your loved ones. They will surely appreciate this gesture for Christmas day.

Explore online gift shops to send gifts

Online gift shops exists for people to conveniently send flowers or trinkets to their loved ones. Some even offer confectionary items such as chocolates and cakes to deliver along with the flowers. Fruit baskets are also available and some care packages to people you care for the most. Explore online gift shops and have your gifts sent to your loved ones' doorsteps. 

Have their favorite food delivered

Some restaurants have online ordering options and you can pay for the items you order via credit card. This makes it easier for expats outside of the country to order and send to their loved ones. Surprise them with a hearty meal during the season and they will surely appreciate the treat.

Have friends bring home gifts for you

If you have good friends or family that can carry your gifts for you (make sure they are not too heavy or bulky!), it will be the most cost effective option. Send small items for the convenience of the one who will fly back home and have gift giving sorted out for Christmas.

No matter where you are, the advancements in technology and courier service has made connecting expats abroad easier with their loved ones back home. Maximize that option when you find yourself stuck in your host country during the holidays. Remember that nothing can stop Christmas, be resourceful and send gifts home instead.