The best cities for sunshine lovers

Published last month

Sunshine makes everything better, doesn't it? You might be seeking to finally make that big move this year but you have not decided yet where you are headed to, or you have been offered an opportunity that you are still considering but the weather is crucial to you. You like the feel of the sun on your skin, and sunny weather never fails to put you in a good mood. This list is made for you. These are the 10 cities with the best sunlight hours...

10. Johannesburg

It is the new hip place to be! Jo'burg, as we call it, is nestled in the heart of South-Africa and is also its largest city and economic and financial centre. Jo'burg has a subtropical climate which means hot days and cooler evenings in summer and equally sunny days in winter although the nights can be pretty cold. January is peak summer in Johannesburg with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 26°C. On average, Jo'burg has 260 hours of sunlight a month.

9. Miami


Of course Miami would be featured on this list. The mythic city is considered the capital of beaches, sunny days and nightlife of Florida, in the United States, although it also is its cultural, economic and financial centre. The city enjoys a tropical climate. The summers are hot and humid and the winters short and warm. Although the city is prone to storms because of the humidity, it still benefits from a fair amount of sunlight throughout the year.

8. Riyadh

A whopping 3, 224 hours of sunlight a year, which adds up to 268 hours on average a month. Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, is a city buzzing with activity. The city and its skyscrapers and state-of-the-art infrastructure offer a beautiful show.

7. Los Angeles

Nicknamed the City of Angels, Los Angeles received a whopping 9 hours of sunlight a day on average. The centre of celebrity residence in the United States, LA is arguably the most popular city in California and the second most popular city in the US after New York. Home to Hollywood, it's Mediterranean climate is perfect for those who like to keep a light tan without burning too much to a crisp.

6. Tel Aviv

Sunlight hours has gone up to 4,383 before in Tel Aviv, this averages to 365 hours of sunlight a month. The second most popular city of Israel after Jerusalem is also the economic and the technological centre of the country. That put aside, Tel Aviv has also been gifted with beautiful beaches and is the party capital of the Middle East.

5. Dammam City

A lot less popular than Riyadh is Dammam City. The capital city of Saudi Arabia's Eastern province has scorching temperatures during the summer, but the city has sunlight hours averaging to 279 hours a month. The city is home to the judicial and administrative bodies of the province as well as several government departments. It is the sixth largest city of Saudi Arabia.

4. Doha

Doha has 286 hours of sunlight a month on average. The capital city of the state of Qatar is a city buzzing with life and economic activity. It is one of the world's richest cities and is meant to hold the World Cup in 2022. The city has a hot desert climate with temperatures averaging 38°C in summer. A summer that can last from May to September.


3. Cairo


295. This is the average number hours of sunlight Cairo is blessed with a month. The city is Egypt's capital and has one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa and the largest in the Middle-East. Cairo also has a desert climate with virtually no rainfall during the year. The average annual temperature in Cairo is 21.3°C although, during the summer months, that is from May to September, the weather can rise up to 28°C.


2. Abu Dhabi

The capital and the second most popular city of the United Arab Emirates receives a whopping 10 hours of sunlight a day. But the temperature comes with is a lot less pleasant. During peak summer, in August, the weather in Abu Dhabi can reach up to 42°C. The city is, however, the place to be for businessmen and professionals as it shelters the headquarters of numerous oil companies, embassies as well as branches of the most popular companies on the globe.


1. Las Vegas

There is a reason why the city is known to be a choice destination for celebrations of all kinds. The city, also called Sin City, receives 318 hours of sunlight a month on average. But could you live in Las Vegas? From May to September, the temperature can reach highs of 35°C, during the other months the temperature in the city is mild. Besides the gambling houses and the nightclubs, Las Vegas is also home to prosperous agriculture, oil and gas extraction and manufacturing industry.