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Published 10 months ago

While more and more Americans are tempted to move abroad, the USA still keeps attracting expatriates from all around, including professionals and trailing spouses, for various reasons. Our top five bloggers in the USA share their experience and talk about what the life of an expat looks like in the USA and what they like the most about their new city.

Bright lights of America

Aussie expat in the USA
© Bright lights of America

Born in Australia to Maltese parents, Katherine is what we can call a globetrotter. She grew up in Sydney but has lived in London and Perth before moving to San Francisco. Moving abroad became an obvious choice for her after she completed her communication degree and worked for a few years as a journalist. Her passion for writing, telling stories, and sharing information led her to start her blog Bright lights of America where she talks about the culture shock about moving from Australia to the U.S. Even though it's been years since she settled in San Francisco, she's still discovering new things and struggling between British/Australian and American English. Katherine also gives tips on moving to and living in the U.S. along with some funny anecdotes.


Expat in California
© Cöllefornia

California has now become a second home to Kathrin, a German expat who was in search of greener grass. A mother to two girls, Kathrin moved from Cologne to California in May 2008 after her husband was offered a job by one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. It's been nearly a decade since she first made the move and she is now a Green Card holder. After discovering her passion for writing about her thoughts and feelings, she decided to start blogging. On Cöllefornia, Kathrin talks about all that she loves about the Golden State, from the sun and the friendly people to the outdoor lifestyle, even though she still misses her home town and the European culture.

Mrs P across the pond

Living in New York
© Mrs P across the pond

Fiona describes herself as a British wife attempting the American life. Living in the USA had never really crossed her mind before moving there. Mother of two, she spent three and a half years in Singapore before moving back to the UK, thinking it would be for good. However, her husband was approached twice about working in New York. Turning down the offer a second time didn't seem like an option to them, so they finally decided to move there. Her blog, Mrs P across the pond, is an account of her experience in the bustling Big Apple. She also talks about her everyday life as an expat in the U.S., family adventures, and all things American.

Going American

Living in Boston
© Going American

If you would like to know what living in Boston is all about, Going American is the blog to check out! Sandra is a Swiss expat who moved from Zurich to Boston a couple of years ago. On her blog, she shares her everyday adventures, including going to the supermarket, her discovery of the country, her encounters with interesting people, her experiences as a volunteer, restaurants and cafes in Boston, flowers shops, museums, and much more, along with amazing pictures of whatever she's been seeing or tasting. In a more entertaining way, she also talks about life as an expat in the U.S. from a European perspective, with a pinch of humour.

Shifting centres

Life in New York
© Shifting centers

Shifting centers is the blog of an Indian expat in the hectic New York City. Aditi was born and brought up in the dynamic New Delhi. After being accepted to join Columbia University for a postgraduate program in journalism, she moved to the U.S. in 2015. Since there wasn't much information on the Internet about how life is in New York or in the rest of the country for Indian expats, she decided to share her own experiences and this is how she started her blog. From major culture shocks to more subtle things, she talks in a very honest way about how to make the move to the U.S., what to expect in your everyday life, and how to survive.