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Published on 2017-08-01 at 06:20
Style transcends borders and climates, so no matter where you choose to call home, the most fashionable among us will always be looking to stay chic and on trend. We've picked some of our favourite fashion and lifestyle blogs to keep you inspired, no matter what your style.


© B-Biche

Bibiche describes herself as a Dutch girl with a French name, living the dream in Malta. Her self-titled blog, 'B-biche' features her effortlessly stylish day-to-day looks, set against the backdrop of sunny Malta and the different places she visits. She also has style tips to help you stay chic. If you are searching for some style inspiration for summer or your next beach holiday, look no further.

Lil Mrs Wifey

© Lil Mrs Wifey

'Lil Mrs Wifey' has everything you need to keep your life on trend, from home decor to accessories. Originally from India and now living in the US, Katyayini gives not only Western fashion tips, but also covers the hottest trends in Indian fashion. Her blog has style tips, as well as reviews of beauty products and recipes. If you are an expat looking for a comprehensive lifestyle blog, Katyayini's blog is certainly worth a read.

An American Girl in Chelsea

©An American Girl in Chelsea

'An American Girl in Chelsea' is an apt description of fashion-lover Christy. With great style tips as well as advice on how to navigate life in London (including the best restaurants), Christy's blog is a go-to for the London-based expat looking to inject a bit more glamour into their lives. However, she also enjoys travelling, and she has great pictures as well as tips for parents on which hotels have the best clubs for kids.

Alta Glamouroza

© Axcel photographi

Kim (originally from the Philippines) documents living and modelling in Saudi Arabia in 'Alta Glamouraza'. She gives behind the scenes insight into her photo shoots and her experiences on the runway, as well as talking about how she goes about making the most of life in Saudi Arabia. She also documents her style as she explores different countries, including trips back home to the Philippines, making a great read for expat fashionistas.

Melissa's Little Secrets

©Melissa's Little Secrets

'Melissa's Little Secrets' is a lifestyle blog from a French expat in Spain, as she takes her style on her explorations of different parts of the country. She also offers up some of her favourite recipes, in addition to her experience as an expat in Spain. With a relaxed, casual style, Melissa's looks cover every season and provide a chic European sensibility to inspire other fashion-forward expats.