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Hi. I had trouble finding healthy snacks and real fruit juice in the supermarket. I looked in Safeway and sameh mall in Zarqa.

I found the range of breakfast cereal to be limited. I sent boxes of muesli bars from Australia so my kids could have a healthy snack.

I assume I can find this stuff in Amman, but is there anything in Zarqa?

I found snacks to have high sugar or fat content.


Breakfast cereals, muesli bars etc are not healthy at all as they contain a lot of sugar.
Same goes for juices in supermarkets. These are not fresh, often made of pulp and high in sugar. There are two ways of getting fresh juices : making by yourself or get them at a juice bar.

Same goes for snacks: if you want healthy ones,  you have to make it by yourself.  Don't know if your wife is onto baking  but if not she can start a new hobby.

In Australia we have a star rating system for food. Often you can get both snacks and drinks which are 5 star the maximum amount. I already took a juicer and blender but sometimes you need something ready. I don't let my kids have soft drinks like Pepsi an couldn't find juice at the supermarket which even had a third of real fruit. We only buy 100% juice which I have bought in many countries. I bought about 6 month supply of muesli bars and also took about 20kg of honey fresh from a local farm as the one I found in Jordan tasted fake.

While talking about food, does anyone know of a good butcher in Zarqa or Amman. The only beef I found was suitable for mince only. I would like a steak. I also can't find machine cut lamb chops. I tried Safeway, sameh mall and local butcher shops. They use a cleaver which limits the cuts.

Thanks for any advice

I don't know about the specific items you are asking for, but if you haven't checked out Miles in Mecca Mall or Cosmo in Taj mall you may want to check as they have a lot of things that other stores don't have.. as far as juice the juice places sell fresh juice and you can get a larger  jug.  It's fantastic.  I miss the guys selling the fresh squeezed OJ during ramadan on every street corner, I wish they'd do that all year. Lastly, the "Costco Sams" American outlet had a bunch of food products last time I was in there. Didn't really pay attention to what they were though. Anything not common around here you'll pay a small fortune for so be prepared.

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