Shopping in Aqaba- Carrefour, LuLus, Ikea, etc....

Are there major stores in Aqaba like Carrefour and LuLus??? I have seen they (Carrefour and IKEA), are in Amman, but that is over 4 1/2  hours away. What realistically are the daily, weekly shopping problems in Aqaba. Please be honest and realistic. Carrefour is like a USA Walmart to a point. I am hoping not to have problems finding simple daily needs like tape, etc... As I DID in the UAE Western region. And what I would find was always at a horrendous mark up!

Thanks in advance all!!!
And I appreciate as much info as possible as online offers little.

is there someone in Aqaba here to answer?

Iam not in Aqaba but heard there is a mall. Iam quite sure there is no ikea. Cant imagine there are enough customers... Aqaba is based on tourism, there are all kinds of shops not cheaper than the capital though except of electronics I guess and fustuq stuff. There are some larger quite nice super markets with all kinds of fresh cheese, mortadella, olives, labaneh etc.. even own bakery with kinds of bread and sweets.. just ask a taxi cab about the destination...

I think all what JO/EU wrote, can be found near the south caost erea (Al  Shat Al Ganubi)

Hi........ There is no Carrefour in Aqaba. There's a small Safeway supermarket & a lot of small shops , an outdoor vegetable market and a supermarket in a new mall which I never found.  Aqaba is nothing like Amman. It's a small seaside town with higher temperatures. Prices are same or cheaper than Amman but very limited resources. Has beautiful South Shore with lots of diving & snorkelling. Many high end hotels which are relatively expensive. It's a duty free zone so tax is less around 8 percent but you can't take much through customs.

Figures such as 8% are misleading when you already backed up that prices are at capital level apart from a very view exceptions!

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