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One of Australia's largest cities, Perth is popular with expats thanks to the employment opportunities available there.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and is the largest city on Australia’s west coast. It has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks in part to the mining boom in Australia. The major industries in Perth include hospitality, healthcare, professional services, mining, construction, and education. The Perth job-market offers numerous employment opportunities in a beautiful and warm coastal city to expats hoping to find a job there.

Perth is a popular city with expats due to its strong culture of outdoor activities and sports, a younger population, and a slightly cheaper cost of living than Sydney or Melbourne. It is also a popular base with fly-in, fly-out mining workers, (referred to as FIFO), who chose to live in Perth and commute to remote mining sites, rather than residing there.

The job market in Perth is competitive, so having a professional, updated CV, or resume, will greatly assist with your search, as will a strong command of English. If you would like to improve your language skills, many community centres or TAFE educational centres offer free or low-cost English classes.


To be able to work in Australia, you need a visa which allows for working rights. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to consider the following types of visa: the Working Holiday Program (WHV), a student visa or Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS), which is a skilled worker visa.

The WHV is a visa valid for a period of one year which allows you to work in Perth and throughout Australia. However, you cannot work for more than six months for the same employer. You will be eligible if you are over 18 but under 31 years of age. The WHV can sometimes be extended for a second year, if you complete three months of work in regional areas of Australia. Common jobs in Perth for WHV holders include contract administrative roles, retail or hospitality, or short-term project roles. Registering with a recruitment agency is a good first step, as they can assist with short term and long term placements.

If you have a student visa, you are entitled to work part time for a period of about 20 hours per week. You can work full time during the holidays. If you are a student living in Perth, your student visa allows you to help supplement the cost of your studies through part-time employment.

If your occupation is on the list of skilled careers that are eligible for sponsorship, then you may be able to find work in Perth and receive sponsorship through your employer. Consult with the Department of Immigration for more information.

Job-hunting in perth

The main source for jobs is online, through career and job search websites. These are updated constantly with new jobs, and are a great starting point for job-seekers. You can also contact a recruitment agency, and they are available to assist with your job search, at no cost to you, and can also help with your CV and interview technique. Recruitment agencies are very popular in Perth, and many jobs are advertised directly through agencies.

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