university of bahrain

I want to ask about university of bahrain assistant professor:
1. How long does it take from interview till the offer. As i was accepted last may and till last month they contacted me for more papers and they said it takes time.
2. What is the average basic salary for assistant professor and what other items included in the contract e. g housing , transport..... and how much each.
3. Do they offer private health insurance?

I don't know about the last two points but for the first, UOB takes a long long long time.   For many people, it can take 6 months or more.   Suggest not to resign from your current job until you have the visa in hand.

For me :
1- it took more than 6 months between the interview and offer.
2- assistant professor to my knowledge get a range between 1400-1800 BD + furnished Housing + transportation allowance + yearly flight-tickets
3- yes they also offer private health insurance.

Also, you should know the visa processing takes a long time, do not resign from your actual position until you have your visa in hand.


@ananasaia helllo I would like to ask what do they ask in interview at UOB bahrain?

Hello, where can one apply for a job at UOB ? There's nothing on their website as well. Kindly anyone guide me..

May be this can help. Good luck


@Miss Xxxxxb

how was your interview? Any tips to share

Yes please share details

Good day all,

Please is there any site or way to check interview outcome with University of Bahrain? It is being 4 months with the interview.

Thank you in anticipating.

Only two ways I guess:

1) Directly ask HR for feedback

2) Ask someone who is already working there to try to find out