Cork without a Car?

We are looking to relocate to Cork City and have found conflicting information about needing a car. If residing in the City Centre, is it possible to still get around easily without a car? Is it quite strange to not own a car in that area?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hey there! So I left Cork in September 2018 but I was there for two years, one of which was DIRECTLY in the city centre. Granted I was coming from Seattle so was very used to using public transportation- but I got very used to not having a car very quickly. They have a great bus system within the city and outskirts and even out to the rest of the county and area. Buses on my lines came pretty often (10-15 minutes) and on a decent schedule. It was easy to buy a monthly  bus pass and I was good to go! I rented a car occasionally when I wanted to go on some adventure around the country- but other than that took buses (and occasionally the train) almost everywhere!

Feel free to message me through FB if you have any questions I can try and help with: [link moderated]

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